Arrow – S5 Ep1 – Legacy Review

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!! Arrow is back!

Let’s face it, after a bit of an underwhelming Season 4 we needed a new feel to Arrow and we’ve been promised for months that the show was going back to basics to give us the same feel as Seasons 1 and 2

So what are Team Arrow up to? Felicity is still there looking amazing, helping The Arrow from behind her desk with Curtis by her side. Quentin Lance has filled his free time with alcohol since being fired from the Police, Thea is busy helping Oliver with his mayoral duties and is adamant she won’t be putting on the Speedy costume anytime soon and Diggle is nowhere to be found.

We get an insight into how Oliver is juggling being the most awesome person in the world (The Green Arrow obvs) and the new Mayor of Star City (who has been nicknamed ‘Mayor Handsome’). We are seeing a more fun, quirky Oliver Queen much like the Oli we first met in Season 1.

The flashbacks this season (and the final set of flashbacks we have to sit through forever!!!!!) take us to Russia 5 years ago. Oliver is fighting the Russian equivalent of Blanka and lands himself in trouble by killing him as he happens to be the best fighter of a group called Bratva. He meets an old friend and asks for his help in getting revenge.

Tobias Church appears on the scene played by Chad L Coleman (STILL not over his Walking Dead end) who seems hell bent on putting together a gang of thugs big enough to take on The Green Arrow. He gate crashes an emotional public unveiling of a Black Canary statue and chucks Oliver and some of his mayor pals into the back of a van. Thea comes to her brother’s rescue all suited up but is disappointed to see that he has taken to killing people once again. With some assistance from Lance and his police buddies, they interrupt Church during an intense game of duck duck goose and free the captives. Once freed Mayor Queen reveals at a public event that he has put together an anti crime unit to save Star City. 

We are given the answer to one of the big questions from last season in the form of a flashback of what Laurel whispered in Oliver’s ear before she died. ‘Please don’t let me be the last canary’ she pleads. Something tells me she won’t be!

Throughout the episode Felicity is badgering Oliver to recruit new members to help with their crime fighting. We are shown two people she has identified, one being Wild Dog who we see The Green Arrow fighting with earlier, and the other is Evelyn Sharp who faked being The Black Canary after her death last season. After being kidnapped and beaten by some mystery men, Curtis asks to be recruited too.

Oliver finally reaches Diggle over a video call and asks for his advice about recruiting new members. This is where our hearts are ripped to shreds as Oliver announces he has some hope that Olicity may stand a chance – cut to Felicity arriving home to a back rub from her new boyfriend and new cast member Detective Malone!

The final scene of the episode gives us a new villain who attacks a cop. The guy, who at first is mistaken for The Green Arrow is wearing black hood with a freaky mask over his face. He looks completely menacing and sounds even worse as he scowls ‘No I am not The Green Arrow’.

This episode feels like a new era for Arrow. I found it thrilling from start to end and the imminent arrival of new members to Team Arrow is exciting. We’ve got some new villainous blood who may even top the dastardly ways of Deathstroke, and with the fact that Oliver has ditched his vow not to kill, season 5 looks very very promising. 

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