Arrow – S5 Ep2 – The Recruits Review

Team Arrow wants you!!!

And here we have it, the beginnings of Team Arrow 2.0. Curtis, Rene Ramirez and Evelyn Sharp are all invited to meet The Green Arrow and start training to be badass vigilantes. Contrary to Evelyn’s expectations there’s no orientation and they are thrown straight into training. Task 1 is to get past Green Arrow and ring the bell. Oliver decides he won’t be revealing his true identity to the newbies and with his tough guy approach things don’t go well and they quit.

Diggle features heavily in this episode and we see him in the army. He has taken a young soldier under his wing and he guides him through doubts in his abilities, much how he does with Oliver. Things don’t pan out well though and Diggle is framed for trying to steal equipment and killing that young soldier by a group of rogue soldiers. For god sake Digs, just get back to Star City already!!!!!

The flashbacks this episode mirror the present day and show Oliver being put to the test in order to join Bratva by competing in the same task he has set for the new recruits. He passes (of course) but his friends don’t have such a happy ending.

Oliver’s Mayoral duties this week have him meeting with a company in the hope they will invest in his new project. In jumps Ragman to put a spanner in the works, who is seeking revenge on them for shooting missiles which killed everyone around him. Ragman is head to toe in old rags which seem to throw out tentacle type things to stop his victims from escaping. He shows up at an event Mayor Queen has organised but is stopped by Ramirez who Oliver has hired along with Curtis and Evelyn as extra security. Although Oliver has gone cray cray at him for not doing what he was told, Ramirez manages to get a piece of Ragman’s robe which after some testing by Felicity’s new man, turns out to be radioactive and over 2000 years old.

Thea attempts to throw Lance a bone by hiring him as part of Oliver’s security team. He doesn’t get off to a good start though by showing up late and drunk on his first day. She tells him to shape up and help protect the city that Laurel loved. Later, Thea overhears the investment woman making a deal with Tobias Church to give him all the information he needs to take over Star City. Oliver manages to track them down and with some help from Ragman stops their transaction from going ahead.

The man in rags reveals himself to Oliver afterwards as Rory Regan who acquired the rags after he was wrapped up in them for protection as a baby by his Dad. The two shake hands on avenging their father’s deaths together, and it looks like we have another new recruit.

After a good talking to from Felicity, Oliver calls the new recruits back and reveals his true identity to them. After a big group hug and a little cheesefest Team Arrow 2.0 is back on!

Final scene of the episode shows our new villain turn up again, this time threatening  Tobias Church to leave the Green Arrow alone. Which for a minute leaves you thinking someone new has Oli’s back … until he scowls his intentions to kill The Arrow himself. Meet Prometheus everyone!

Barry Allen’s effects on the timeline aren’t clear for the Star City residents yet, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in hoping for some mention of John Diggle Jr but I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Message of this episode? Teamwork makes the dream work people. 

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