Arrow – S5 Ep3 – A Matter of Trust Review

Best episode of Arrow in a very long time ….

The episode begins with the new team watching The Green Arrow in full on battle mode. He’s beating answers out of Derek Samson (Oh, hello Cody Rhodes!!!) about a new drug on the streets called Stardust. The rest of the team aren’t allowed out on the field yet and are still in training, much to their frustration. 

After outing Oliver as too much of a rich kid to know what’s going down on the streets, Rene takes Evelyn to find Samson’s drugs factory without getting permission from Daddy. Rene doesn’t hold back and things don’t go well. Derek Samson gets thrown into a pool of chemicals, and after his best impression of Sleeping Beauty – returns from the dead wondering why he can’t feel anything. The Green Arrow tries to stop his hospital breakout but soon realises that even his best arrows can’t stop him.

Diggle receives a visit from Lyla in prison and asks her to tell John Jr he loves him (poor baby Sara). He’s sharing a cell with Deadshot, and neither of them are overly happy about their reunion. Diggle is still coming to terms with killing his brother, and decides not to fight the charges against him in some sort of annoying attempt of redemption for his actions. By the end of the episode he has completely given up and tells his wife to do the same.

Thea has appointed Lance as Deputy Mayor, which Oliver isn’t exactly thrilled about and this brings negative press attention to Mayor Handsome due to Lance’s alcohol addiction. Thea tries to do some damage control, but makes things worse after meeting with a reporter and ends up telling Oliver she is going to resign. Obviously he doesn’t accept and organises a press conference to formally announce Lance as his deputy, and his loyalty to the decisions of his team.

Oliver meets Adrian Chase, Star City’s new District Attorney. He’s not happy though as he’s been busy building a case against Samson which was ruined by a vigilante in a hockey mask. Oliver runs straight back to Rene and sends him to bed with no dinner.

A guilt ridden Felicity (due to her part in the misiles attack which killed Rory’s family) plays mediator and tells Oliver she needs to start trusting his new team or there’s no point to any of this. He finally decides to take the team out on their first mission to find Samson. Before they head out we hear Curtis talk about his idol, Mr Terrific after Evelyn jibes him about his new jacket which the fashion policy have set a reward for. The team suit up and take down Samson and his merry men, and I have to add here … this whole scene is absolutely bloody incredible. Seeing the new team work together for the first time fully dressed in their costumes was very VERY exciting. As a treat for a job well done they are taken to Team Arrow headquarters for first time. 

The flashbacks reveal that Oliver has to pass two more tests which aim to make him trust Bratva. He refuses to after they killed the men who he was working with last week, until he is shown that they had all done bad things previously and basically deserve to be dead. He is told not everything is as it seems and that he is going to need their army if he wants his revenge. Oliver is asked to trust in the brotherhood who all take turns in slashing his back with knives – and we wonder why he has trust issues!!!

The episode ends with Lyla asking for Oliver’s help in breaking Diggle out of prison. Eeeek … Diggle is coming home everyone!!!!

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