Arrow – S5 Ep4 – Penance Review

Home is where the Diggle is! 

So surely after the new team managed to work so well together last week to stop the brilliant Cody Rhodes, we would start off by seeing them winning another epic battle. Ermmm, not exactly! Mr Terrific is being thrown around like a chew toy, Wild Dog is still not listening to Papa and going rogue and Ragman wants out!!!

This week we flashback to Oliver’s third and final test with Bratva. Oliver’s mission (if he chooses to accept) is to find some guy in prison and get some answers from him. Oliver sets to work and gets himself arrested by going all Jackie Chan on a police car. He’s put in jail and that’s where he meets his target. Oliver threatens the guy’s family unless he is given the information he’s looking for, but ends up skipping the family massacre and just kills the guy instead! Job done and Oliver is welcomed into the Bratva family. 

Adrian Chase is under the impression that Oliver has been M.I.A because he has gout (OMG – me too!!!) thanks to some quick thinking from Thea. Adrian is paired up with Quentin to find Tobias Church to work out what he’s cooking up. Things don’t go well for them as they battle bombs and grenades while trying to figure it out. It all goes from bad to worse when Church starts an attack on them while they are interrogating one of his men.

Half way though the episode Operation ‘Save Diggle’ finally kicks off, even though Felicity isn’t keen on the idea. The new team even try to make Oliver reconsider by threatening to stop him by force. Obviously, he just laughs in their faces at the idea, beats the crap out of them and then zooms off on his bike. I pity the fool who tries to take on The Green Arrow, I really do! 

Lyla helps Oliver find Diggle, who causes a lockdown when he realises that Diggle isn’t in his cell. Diggle, still on his personal battle of redemption, stupidly refuses to go. Oliver doesn’t take no for an answer and makes a hole in the ground with a spray he earlier stole from Palmer Tech. They manage to get all the way out to the gates before being caught. It’s ok though, they are dragged to freedom by a plane Lyla must have been hiding in her back pocket.

Felicity tracks down Ragman to apologise for sending a grenade to kill everyone he’s ever known. Surely her world class beauty, sexy specs and perfect ponytail will be able to convince him to come back??? Nope! She’s done her research though and reminds him how he is honouring his family by continuing to wear the rags like his father did, and his father before him. Maybe she should have worn a shorter dress? 

The team show some commitment to the cause as they work to find Church without Oliver. Just as they are about to leave the man in rags shows up as he has found forgiveness. This made me happy. I love Ragman! Everything about him screams villian, the mask, the freaky rag tentacles and they way he talks in a whisper like he’s speaking parceltongue – but he’s actually one of the good guys! Anyway, off they go to save Quentin and Adrian with one last genius bit of advice from Felicity … DO NOT DIE! They get in and manage to get everyone to safety. It’s all going so well until Curtis gets a knife thrown at his back when Church catches them up. I swear the only thing terrific about Curtis at the moment is his one liners. Wild Dog sends the others to safety as he tries to take on Church alone but ends up being captured by him, hung from the ceiling and tortured.

Looks like Oliver has another rescue mission in his hands …

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