Arrow – S5 Ep5 – Human Target Review

Take me to Church …..

We haven’t actually seen too much of Tobias Church so far. We know he’s a bad guy, we know he has some dastardly plan to take over the city, but it’s all been a bit shadows and smoke screens … until now. 

Episode 5 begins with Rene looking a little worse for wear after being tortured by Tobias and his gang. Tobias is loving life and brags about his interrogation skills, telling Rene that he will give him the info he wants sooner or later.

The rest of the team have hit the streets trying to locate where Tobias is hiding Rene. When Rory and Evelyn actually get there, everyone has gone. Felicity manages to figure out where they are headed but has been instructed to only tell Oliver. Rene has been moved to the deep dark woods and is digging his own grave, but of course Oliver comes to the rescue just in time. Rene confesses that he has revealed the Green Arrow’s true identity to the enemy while being tortured. 

Diggle is back in the layer and it feels so good to have him back on the team. He is introduced to the newbies but isn’t convinced about their abilities. Oliver puts him in charge of watching over Rene and trying to get him to remember anything from his time with Tobias that will help them figure out what he’s up to. They become roomies as Diggle is technically still in hiding, and the bromance begins.

There is lots going on at the Mayor’s office this week. Mayor Queen puts forward some new ideas which are met with negativity initially. He arranges an off camera interview with Susan the reporter girl who ends up giving Oliver her personal

phone number. This couldn’t come at a better time as Oliver finally finds out this week that Felicity has a new lover. Last season I completely loved the whole Olicity thing and was slightly devastated when they split. But I have to say in hindsight, the characters work much better together as friends – and that’s why we all loved their relationship to begin with! They are friends who have deep feelings for each other, and perhaps that’s how it should remain? The scenes between them towards the end of the episode kind of feel like closure on that part of their lives and they both appear to be genuinely happy for each other. However things may get a tad awks as Billy Malone has joined Oliver’s anti-crime unit. 

Oliver is shot outside his office and Quentin announces to Star City that he’s been pronounced dead. DON’T PANIC … It’s all a ploy to make Tobias think he’s won. Meet Christopher Chance (The Human Target) who Diggle has brought in to help. He’s been walking around in an Oliver Queen mask to fool Tobias and his men.

The flashbacks see Oliver partying with his Bratva brothers, after he’s disowned his Mother and Sister to show his dedication to them. ‘I am Bratva’ Oliver commands …. well I am done with these flashbacks!!!!! 

Victor doesn’t believe in Oliver and gives him a little threat to reinforce that. He arranges for Oliver to be attacked outside the club, but Christopher Chance is there to save him in another one of his masks. 

Diggle and Rene’s quality time together obviously pays off and Rene ends up remembering over hearing Tobias’ plans. The team suit up and intercept Tobias and his recruits. Oliver comes face to face with Tobias for one last showdown, but before Oli carts him off to prison, Tobias tells him all about Prometheus.

At the end we see Susan has been doing some digging about our Mayor and meets a guy who has found a photo of Oliver from his Bratva days, and has also found a connection between Oliver and Christopher Chance. 

Church is being taken to prison when all hell breaks loose. Prometheus kills everyone in sight and finds Tobias in the back of a police van. Tobias pleads with him to join forces, and stupidly deals his only card by telling Prometheus The Green Arrow’s true identity. Prometheus’ response is to cut Tobias’s throat, well he was warned to leave The Green Arrow alone I guess! 

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