Arrow – S5 Ep6 – So It Begins Review

It’s all go this week in Star City. Oliver and Diggle are out on the hunt for Prometheus and have been lead to a warehouse, fully aware it’s probably a trap. They hear a phone ringing and when Oliver answers he’s faced with his biggest opponent yet … a heavy breathing prank caller!!!

All of a sudden the lights go out and the words ‘SO IT BEGINS’ appear on the ground in flames.

Back at Arrow HQ Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are trying to figure out what exactly Prometheus is up to, but agree to keep the newbies in the dark about his existence for the time being. With all these new characters I find scenes between OTA so special. They make me live in hope that Arsenal or The Black Canary will burst through the doors to the Arrow cave at any moment, ready for some ass beating. 

Thea is kept on her toes at work. She plans a special Star City event and Oliver gives her complete control over it. Quentin keeps turning up for work late, which obviously raises her suspicions as she decides to go snooping in his office. She eventually finds a bottle of whiskey at the bottom of a drawer. She pays him a visit at home and confronts him about the drinking. Quentin confesses to never having stopped in the first place and Thea offers to take him to an AA meeting. I can’t help but feel Thea has been sidelined so far this season, she seems to be featuring less than she did in the early days of Arrow. She’s too badass to be sitting behind a desk – there’s a Speedy shaped hole in Team Arrow which she needs to fill!

Prometheus appears at a lady’s house and kills her while she’s hoovering. Soon after he kills a cab driver and Susan the reporter breaks the story on tv causing the residents of Star City to go into a blind panic. Prometheus is affectionately nicknamed the Throwing Star Killer by the media. Diggle asks Felicity to work her magic on her copper boyfriend and steal one of the stars so they can run some tests. She does, and eventually with Curtis’ help realises that there is a link between the people Prometheus is killing and Oliver’s killing list from season one. This revelation does not please the new members of Team Arrow, who are already pissed that Oliver and Diggle are keeping things from them and using them as a sub team. 

Felicity manages to put together a list of potential victims and Team Arrow are sent out to individually protect each one. Evelyn comes face to face with Prometheus on a train, and you know what – lets give her some credit, she doesn’t do a bad job in fighting him off at first. Like you’d expect though Oliver turns up to protect her, and they escape the train just before a bomb Prometheus kindly left behind explodes. 

Felicity goes back to see Billy at work and she’s taken to the interrogation room. Billy must be damn good at his job because with no interrogation at all she confesses that she works for the Green Arrow and that she stole evidence from him. You’d expect him to be pretty mad, but instead he totally fan girls over her famous friend.

Later, Felicity takes Oliver to the side at Thea’s concert to inform him she’s got results from the star she stole. She thinks Prometheus is using Oliver’s old arrows as his weapons, which would mean he has a link to SSPD to be able to access them. Cut to Quentin waking up in a drunken mess at home with a bad cut on his arm and a fresh metal star on his table. Surely not????

Lastly and by all means least, how could we not talk about this episode’s flashbacks. Oliver is frustrated that he’s stuck indoors making bombs instead of getting his revenge on Konstantin Kovar. The head of Bratva turns up after they are attacked (again). Oliver throws a tantrum and squares up to the big boss. He’s told to arrange a meeting with Kovar so he can play the rich American who wants to invest in his business. Oliver does as he’s told but ends up being knocked out. When he wakes up he is face to face with Kovar (played by the one and only, complete legend and He-Man himself – Dolph Lundgren!!!!) telling an obscure tale about his mother and a turnip. That’s enough to make you ungrateful for not being killed.

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