Arrow – S5 Ep7 – Vigilante Review

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!!!

We have an unwelcome guest in Star City this week! The episode begins with a woman in chains being sold from one man to another. The lights go off and they are attacked, assuming it’s The Green Arrow. WRONG! There’s a new vigilante in town.

Team Arrow are in training, and even Curtis seems to be earning his superhero stripes (finally). Oliver is wondering what Prometheus is doing now he’s stopped killing randoms, but before he gets to put his feet up with a cup of coffee and a newspaper Felicity breaks the news that the police think there’s a new vigilante. As you’d expect, Oliver isn’t impressed and declares war. 

In the flashbacks Oliver wakes up to breakfast with Kovar, battered and bruised after being tortured for a week. Kovar knows exactly who he is and he wants answers. After announcing his desire to avenge Taiana’s death, Oliver is shown that her mother is working for Kovar as a maid. Kovar is trying to convince Oliver that he can’t trust Bratva, as they are the bad guys. Foolishly, Oliver tries to make a break for it but is pummelled back into submission. In walks the head Bratva guy … I think that’s Kovar’s point proved then.

Susan the stalker – I mean the reporter – goes to see Mayor Queen and ends up getting him to agree to meet her for a drink. The date goes well, and Susan gives him a much needed  ego boost. They even end up on a second date at the end of the episode. Quentin shows up at Thea’s office and hands her his resignation. She’s annoyed to find out that he is still drinking even though she’s taken him to an AA meeting. Later, Thea visits Quentin at home where he confesses that he keeps blacking out due to the drinking, and is confused about waking up last week with cuts on his arm and one of the Throwing Star Killer’s stars. Thea ends up taking him to rehab and reassures him that his job will be waiting for him on the other side. 

A group of thugs are breaking into all the  banks in the city, led by Eric Dunn who has escaped from Iron Heights. Team Arrow arrive to save the day, only to find out that the new vigilante has beat them to it. They don’t give up though, and manage find the vigilante trying to stop the bank robbers second attempt. The vigilante eventually comes face to face with the Green Arrow and dismisses all the crime fighting he’s done for the past five years claiming that the city is in a worse state than before. You’re either with me or against me he tells Oliver, and when Oliver proclaims his opposition he’s told he’s a dead man. 

The team decide to rob a bank to get the vigilante’s attention. It works! Well kind of. The vigilante takes the bait but ends up holding a gun to Curtis’ head in an attempt to get Oliver to back off. My mind wandered during this scene …. how does Curtis have time to cornrow his hair in between getting changed into the Mr Terrific gear and arriving at a crime scene? Anyway, a battle commences and the new vigilante finds himself tied up by one of Oliver’s arrows. Oliver’s had some pretty snazzy new arrows recently. This week he even fires one which blasts out a protective shield. Oliver takes this opportunity to unmask the new vigilante but an explosive goes off and in a cloud of smoke he’s gone. 

Thea tells Oliver about Quentin finding the Throwing Star Killer’s weapon which makes Oliver think Prometheus is targeting the people around him seeing as he knows his true identity.

The end scene is a shocker … Evelyn … on a roof top … with Prometheus … and they’re working together!!!! 😱 

Brace yourselves! CROSSOVER WEEK IS NEXT WEEK 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 See you all then! 

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