Arrowverse Crossover – Invasion Review

BEST TEAM UP EVER … yes Felicity Smoak you beautiful woman, you took the words right out of my mouth!
Ok … minus the last 5 minutes of this weeks Supergirl, oh and Sara telling the Legends they need to get back to their friends in 2016 last week, the DC Crossover extravaganza week kick starts with The Flash.
And what possible reason could there be for all these awesome people to end up in one room together? Aliens of course!!! Barry jogs off to the scene of what they believe is a meteor crash, only to find that a spaceship carrying an alien race called The Dominators have invaded Earth. And not for the first time apparently, as Lyla Michaels reveals that they had attacked Earth once before in 1951. Barry decides he’s going to need some help with this one, and dashes to Star City just in time to save Oliver and Diggle from being shot at by the new vigilante, and with Cisco’s help (who still isn’t Barry’s friend) vibes over National City to pick up Supergirl. They get back to Central City to wait for the Legends to travel back in time.
Seeing all these characters in the same room at the same time was the most joyful experience television has ever provided me. Yes, in one form or another many of them have appeared in each other’s shows – but bearing in mind these are characters from separate programmes, the chemistry between them all is incredible! I found the interaction between Supergirl and Mick particularly enjoyable but Mick is one of those characters you can’t help but love anyway!
First things first, they all catch up and Barry introduces Kara to everyone. We have jokes, banter and revelations about Flashpoint which doesn’t go down well at all! Barry is nominated as Team Leader (even though it’s blatantly Oliver) and after they all practice their skills on the indestructible Supergirl, the rest of the team go in search of The Doninators who have kidnapped the President. Barry stays behind now that he’s public enemy number one, and Oliver refuses to go out to play if Barry isn’t allowed to.
They manage to find The Dominators who have set a trap for them and end up gaining control of their superhero minds. Oliver and Barry get called for help and they all end up fighting each other. This scene is pretty damn awesome and makes those DC Fightclub promos look like My Little Pony! Oliver and Barry manage to save them all, with a little help from Wally in his first proper outing as Kid Flash just before Oliver, Ray, Sara, Diggle and Thea are beamed up into the sky ….
Onto Arrow now, Oliver and the others are living in some kind of perfect alternative world, where he is getting married to Laurel and his parents are still alive. In reality their bodies are lying unconscious in pods on the alien spaceship. This episode ties in very nicely with it being Arrow’s 100th episode as we have some old characters in it, as well as flashbacks through time as Oliver and the others start to realise they are in a fantasy world where Diggle is The Green Arrow and Oliver is just like any other normal rich kid. This means that we get to relive some of the big moments over the past 5 seasons.
The rest of Team Arrow are trying to locate where they are being held, they also get to meet The Flash and Supergirl for the first time when they go in search of a metahuman. Felicity enlists Cisco to help them, who vibes and finds them on a spaceship. He’s also brought along a piece of the spaceship he stole for them to start experimenting on.
Our fab five eventually work out that something is wrong and this isn’t reality. They decide to leave the wedding and try to get back to their bodies. Waiting outside for them are past villains such as Deathstroke, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Marlyn. They needn’t have bothered though because they are taken down. Laurel runs out in her wedding dress, and after an emotional goodbye Oliver tells her he can’t stay. They make their way to Smoak Technologies and walk through a portal back to the real world.
It worked! They wake up, break out of the pods and find a small ship which they use to escape. The Dominators follow them but are saved by Nate in the Legends time ship hooray!!!
The Legends of Tomorrow travel back to 1951 to see what The Dominators were after in the first place. Mick, Nate and Vixen manage to capture one but are intercepted by the MIB and taken to a holding room. Don’t panic … Felicity and Cisco (who are in a nerd nirvana) arrive to save them and the alien!
Stein realises he caused a rift on the timeline by previously interacting with a younger version of himself, when meets his daughter. He kindly manages to give her a Daddy complex before deciding not to correct his mistake as he wants to keep her around.
It’s revealed that the aliens are here to stop metahumans from causing them any harm, and they want Barry to surrender himself after the damage he caused in Flashpoint. Cisco realises that he himself has damaged the timeline as he wanted to put things right by saving the alien. The gang stop Barry from giving himself up, and Cisco tells him he has finally forgiven him.
An epic final battle begins which results in the Dominators retreating and peace on earth is restored! The gang have a party, packed with group hugs and gushing over each other to celebrate before they all go their separate ways. Cisco has made Kara a devise which means from now on she can communicate with everyone and cross over to their world – please do this at least once a week Kara!
And the week ends with Barry and Oliver drinking in a bar contemplating the meaning of life.
Sometimes when things like this are bigged up as much as this crossover has been you can’t help but be left a little disappointed for one reason or another. Not on this occasion though. The crossover week was pure perfection from start to finish, and I would be gobsmacked to find anyone who would disagree. The one and only thing I wanted was for Tommy and Roy to make an appearance on Arrow. Obviously some characters featured a lot more heavily than others, but just about every character from all 4 shows had their moment. We even had a Superman reference from Brandon Routh!!!!
Yep I’m going to say it … screw The Justice League, forget Batman v Superman GIVE US A DCTV MOVIE! #sorrynotsorry The chemistry between these characters is impeccable. These crossover episodes had a brilliant storyline which still ran alongside events happening in the individual programmes and the characters stayed true to form. I can’t find anything negative to say and personally I just feel bad for anyone who doesn’t watch these programmes!

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