Arrow – S5 Ep9 – What We Leave Behind Review

Episode 9 is pretty awesome the whole way through. The flashbacks marry up to the story throughout this episode and see season one Oliver working through his kill list to find Justin Claybourne. They serve a purpose, if they were always like this I would really enjoy them! We see him working with Diggle who acts as Oliver’s conscience, telling him that killing people maybe isn’t the best way to go and that it could have repercussions later on.

The episode begins with Prometheus sharpening his tools. Evelyn has brought him a list of Team Arrow’s addresses along with their mug shots to make it that much easier to find them. She wants to be there when Oliver is taken down, she’s not playing around is she!!!! Prometheus declares that he isn’t going to kill Oliver, he’s going to make him wish he was dead instead. Ahhh, he does have a heart.

Mayor Queen is throwing a Christmas party, organised by Thea. His date for the night is Susan and Felicity brings Billy along to introduce him to her pals. It’s all happy families and then Felicity makes things a tad awks by suggesting a double date. Finally after 5 years something is revealed, which I for one have spent many hours, days, weeks pondering over. Oliver Queen’s favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard!!! There we have it people, we could have all guessed but now we can enjoy our pigs in blankets this year without that dark cloud hanging over our heads. At the end of the night Curtis gets attacked outside the party by Prometheus infront of his husband, and is drugged by him.

Back at Team Arrow HQ Oliver starts to think Prometheus could be someone from his old kill list named Justin Claybourne due to his connection to the same drug Curtis was given. Oliver takes them to the building Claybourne used to have and finds himself trapped in a room with Prometheus. Prometheus has a few tricks up his sleeve and proves he isn’t only good at throwing stars, he somehow splits one of Oliver’s arrows in two in midair. In this scene we hear some words I feel like we’ve been neglected from recently “Justin Claybourne, you have failed this city”. Prometheus tells Oliver he’s been waiting 4 years for this moment only to be interrupted by Rene and Evelyn. Evelyn shocks everyone by breaking her cover and announces that she is working with Prometheus.

Billy goes investigating and finds a box at the Claybourne Manufacturing Plant with a baby photo in. He manages to send it to Felicity before being abducted by Prometheus. The team work out that the baby is Claybourne’s son.

Oliver goes to find him, after one of the flashbacks triggers his memory to where he will be. Prometheus is standing right in the place where Oliver killed Claybourne, and after a bit of a chase Oliver shoots him with his arrows. Something obviously doesn’t feel right though, and Oliver unmasks Prometheus to find that it’s Billy who has been gagged and put in the suit!!!

Oliver goes home and tells the others what he’s done. “I killed Billy” he tells Felicity who is reasonably understanding about it all. This scene is quite special actually. Oliver is very emotional, and it’s extremely rare for him to expose his vulnerable side to anyone. He’s obviously devastated at killing a completely innocent man. He’s devastated at causing Felicity so much pain. And he’s living through the consequences of his decision to kill. He tells them all to get as far away from him as possible.

As the episode ends it’s clear that the team are broken. Felicity is in a state, Diggle has been called home by Lyla to find a bunch of guys pointing lasers at him, and Curtis’ husband has left him after revealing that he is one of the vigilantes helping The Green Arrow.

Oliver returns to the layer after a drink with Susan to find Santa has left him a gift which no one could have called. LAUREL LANCE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in the new year for some more Arrow fun and games!

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