Arrow – S5 Ep10 – Who Are You? Review

Hello? It’s me … or maybe not!

Laurel Lance is back people, and Oliver is speechless. But how? Yes of course we all miss the presence of Katie Cassidy terribly, but we all saw the Lazarus Pit being destroyed and more to the point we saw Laurel die in one of Arrow’s most emotional scenes. She claims that she was saved by a bright white light which turned out to be Sara who had her teleported and treated by the Legends. Oliver and Felicity aren’t completely convinced. Felicity arranges a ‘welcome home’ party as a rouse to take some DNA which ends up confirming Laurel’s identity.

It’s all too good to be true and just as Rory jokes about Laurel perhaps having an evil twin, she pops up at Arrow HQ screaming like a banshee and wreaks the place. She’s not Laurel at all! Earth 2’s Black Siren has been broken free from Star Labs by Prometheus as part of his mission to take Oliver down.

Oliver desperately wants to see the good in Laurel 2.0 and Felicity tries everything in her power to prove to him that she’s not the same Laurel. Her point is proven towards the end of the episode when she responds to Oliver’s desperation to appeal to Laurel’s inner good by using her canary scream on them to get back into Prometheus’ good books. After moping around due to feeling useless, Curtis saves the day by using a contraption he has made and takes the Black Siren’s lethal scream away.

Diggle is back in prison. Oliver is on a mission to break him out again but Diggle tells him it’s time to face the charges and accept what is happening. Oliver brings Adrian Chase in to help who manages to save Diggle from being taken into the Army’s custody, for now!

Standing next to a destroyed Black Canary statue, Oliver tells Felicity he wants to find new canary.

In the flashbacks this week we see Oliver being dragged down to a basement just to be pounded on some more. It’s alright though, he ends up being saved by Talia al Ghul.

Line of the week goes to Rene who shouts ‘Don’t move Trinity’ as he tries to stop the Black Siren in her tracks.

I for one am very happy to have Laurel back even if she’s evil and intent on killing Oliver. Let’s hope she pops up again soon!!

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