Arrow – S5 Ep11 – Second Chances Review

He’s legit The Green Arrow!

Brace yourselves guys, episode 11 is one hell of a ride. We have some jokes, a newbie and the beginning of the flashbacks joining up to season 1!!!!!!

So the main focus this week is Team Arrow recruiting a new black canary. The episode starts off with a throwback to 3 years ago. Tina (the girl we saw at the end of last week’s episode) is being held captive by some not very nice men and their final threat to get what they want is to kill her lover. That pesky particle excelorator  explodes and Tina is blasted into metahuman-ness just as she sees her boyfriend shot dead infront of her. She screams and we hear the legendary Black Canary cry once again.

Back to the present day and Oliver has got the gang all in a tizz trying to find a new recruit. He’s got some very high standards though and after dismissing all suggestions, Curtis finds someone worth a second glance. Tina! Oliver brings Curtis and Rene along for a road trip to Hub City where they manage to find her. She couldn’t be less interested when they approach her and ask her to be part of their team though. They have their work cut out this time.

Killing time, they find a burger joint where they can do some more digging on Tina. I love it when Arrow gives us some light hearted moments. Throwing in some dry humour adds a nice dimension to Oliver Queen. Rene decides to take on some sort of all you can eat challenge and Curtis discovers that Tina was once a cop. Oliver phones Hub City’s police station for more info. When the guy on the other end won’t believe he’s The Green Arrow, Oliver sends everyone’s favourite speedster a text and we sae a red flash go through the cop’s office and a note is left saying ‘He’s legit’. I really enjoyed this scene, and it’s always exciting to have a crossover even if it is for a second.
The cop confirms Tina’s identity and that she is trying to avenge her former partner. After some cat and mouse games Tina allows the guys to help her get her revenge. She’s not very grateful though and just leaves them on a roof top after she kills the man she has been looking for. Oliver admits defeat and they return home.

In the meantime Felicity is very busy trying to hack her way into finding dirt on the General so Diggle can be freed. It looks like there’s no hope until her system is hacked by someone who knows her identity. Felicity agrees to meet them, and the mystery hacker turns out to be a huge fan (who isn’t, let’s face it!!!). She gives Felicity all the information she needs to help Diggle whilst inspiring her to think about going back to her old hobby.
Diggle is given the good news that he is granted bail.

Tina makes a visit to Star City’s mayors office. She’s thought about Oliver’s offer and after revealing her real name, DINAH (!!!!!!!!!!!!) Drake, she agrees to join the team. Laurel … I still love you and everything but Dinah is flipping awesome! She’s gutsy, raw, she’s got a black jacket AND she screams like a badass bitch. I’m so excited to have her join Team Arrow.

So I’m not the biggest fan of the flashbacks but they take a very exciting turn this week. Talia has taken Oliver to a safe place and she knows all about where he’s been and what he’s been doing since the boat capsized. She offers to help him get revenge on Kovar as long as he will hear her out afterwards. Talia keeps her word and helps Oliver find one of Kovar’s allies, and he kills him. Back home Talia points out his real fight is back home with his father’s book. Those are the people he should be making pay for their sins. She questions why he won’t go home and when he responds it’s because he’s a monster, she tells him to give the monster inside him an identity and hands him some clothes. Here we have it … Oliver dons his green hood and arrows for the first time and it’s absolutely amazing!

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