Arrow – S5 Ep12 – Bratva Review

This week Quentin arrives back at work and he’s ready to move forward. He decides to give Susan an interview about his struggles. And if anyone else has been wondering what the hell has happened to Thea, well she’s ‘out of town’ apparently. Maybe she will come back ready to to accept her Speedy duties (here’s hoping!)

Team Arrow are on a mission which takes them to Russia on Oliver’s private jet. They are trying to stop General Walker from selling a nuclear bomb. Rene is left at home to help Quentin prep for his interview due to his great public speaking skills …………. erm …………
On their arrival in Russia, Oliver is met by his old Bratva bro, Anatoly. There’s no flowers and hugs though, just a punch in the face as Anatoly tells Oliver he should never have returned to Russia after betraying Bratva.

Felicity uses the intel she has been given from her new hacker friends and  takes Rory and Curtis to meet someone she tells them is an old contact. Felicity finds her guy and blackmails him into giving her the information she needs. We’ve read about Felicity changing throughout the rest of the season and we are seeing the start of that this week. I’d like her to be a bit more gutsy but I hope she doesn’t change too much. We love the clumsy, cute Felicity! Rory confronts her later and isn’t impressed with her behaviour so much so that he grasses her up to Oliver. Oliver starts to worry that Felicity and Diggle are changing and are acting completely out of character.

Oliver makes a deal with the devil and Anatoly finally agrees to help him. He has found Walker’s location and brings a mini Russian army to help the team stop him in his tracks. They find Walker, and after Felicity messes up when trying to defuse the bomb, Rory uses his rags to contain the explosion. It works, but with the consequence of his rags loosing their ability. General Walker is arrested and the world is safe once again (for now).

Safely back in Star City, Oliver finds a gap in his schedule to have some quality time with Susan. Yes people … they finally do the deed! But let’s not forget there’s more to Susan than meets the eye, she’s still digging up dirt on Oliver and at the end of the episode finds a connection between him and The Green Arrow.

The flashbacks this week show Oliver becoming quite swifty with his arrows. Along with Talia they begin targeting drug dealers to get some practice in. Talia is still trying to convince him to go home though to meet his father’s dying request of getting revenge.

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