Arrow – S5 Ep13 – Spectre of the Gun Review

It’s all gone political at City Hall!

Well this episode addresses a serious issue. Gun crime is a huge deal in America, and one that us Brits can’t quite comprehend, the simple answer to us is ban guns completely. Arrow deals with this really sensitively actually and provides both sides of the argument. They don’t force an opinion on the viewers, but instead do a pretty great job in raising awareness of the reality of it.
The episode begins with a guy packing up loads of guns in a bag. Thea is finally back in Star City and is catching up on what’s been happening since she left. She’s not keen on Oliver’s relationship with Susan. She’s really happy to have Quentin back, but not so keen on the newly appointed Assistant to the Deputy Mayor, Rene.

The guy with the guns finds his way into City Hall and starts shooting at anything and everything in the building.
Rene is caught in the crossfire and we are given some flashbacks to his life before being a vigilante. He’s at home with his wife, getting ready to take his daughter to a hockey match. She isn’t keen on him taking a gun with him, but he feels it’s much needed protection when he’s in the glades. His wife is a junkie, and when Rene arrives home it’s been trashed by a drug dealer is looking for money owed to him by his wife. The dealer starts shooting and kills Rene’s wife. We see that Rene’s life goes from bad to worse and his daughter is eventually taken into care.

Back to present day, Curtis and Felicity are busy trying to gather information about the shooters identity. There are lots of conversations between Curtis and Rene who have opposing views on guns. These are quite interesting with Curtis reinforcing how dangerous guns are, and Rene trying to convince him how they save lives and are needed for protection. Felicity manages to find the shooters identity (obviously) and it’s revealed that his family were killed 16 months ago in a shooting, and this is revenge. Curtis and Rene are sent to a victim support group the shooter has attended and are successful in getting his address. At his home, they uncover his plan to hit the hospital next.

Oliver is waiting for him at the hospital and tries to talk him down. As we know, Oliver can be quite persuasive and stops him from shooting himself. The shooter is arrested and Star City is safe once again.

Oliver spends much of the episode being pushed for his opinion on guns, which he struggles to answer. At the end of the episode he announces his Fire Arms Freedom Act.
Arrow truly portrayed an open debate about gun crime throughout the episode. There were very minimal scenes involving The Green Arrow and the others, which kind of reminds you that it’s everyday normal people who are using/ dealing with the effects of guns. Superbly done, and let’s hope people take notice!

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