Arrow – S5 Ep15 – Fighting Fire with Fire Review

Oliver stands trial for impeachment this week. He asks Adrian to represent him as his lawyer, but as the court case starts things aren’t looking great for him. Susan is still mad at Oliver and shows no interest whatsoever when he approaches her for forgiveness.

After a tough first day in court, Thea declares in her Trump style political haze, that they should just blame everything on Malone and destroy his memory. Oliver warns her that if you play with fire you get burnt, and that fireball comes in the form of the Vigilante! He shoots at the Mayor’s limo which sends it spiralling off the road. Dinah, Oliver and even Thea try to take him down but the cops arrive and the Vigilante runs off telling Oliver he has one more day. Dinah finds some material from the Vigilante’s visor and calls it into Felicity. A weird cat and mouse game starts between Dinah and Adrian who both try to take it. 

So this is the scene of the week! Something we have been wanting for weeks …. the reveal of who Prometheus is!!!! The Vigilante is hanging around on a roof top (as he does) when Prometheus pays him a visit. They argue over who loves The Green Arrow more for a while, the Vigilante disappears and then Prometheus takes his mask off. Im hoping I wasn’t the only one trying to tilt my head good enough to recognise the side of his face!! But no, there was no need. The camera pans round and reveals that Prometheus is none other than Adrian ‘right hand man to Mayor Oliver Queen’ Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver decides to call a press conference and announces that he covered up Malone’s murder to protect the public from realising The Green Arrow had gone rogue. This does the job as Oliver has all charges dropped against him, and has a visit from Susan who not only has forgiven him but promises to keep his secret. Thea decides to leave her job after realising  what she is becoming. Does this mean she is finally going to pull out her Speedy costume again? Probably not as she seems to want to rid herself from the evil inside. 

Diggle is worried about Felicity and what she is getting herself into. And rightly so apparently as by the end of the episode she accepts her invitation to join Helix.

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