Arrow – S5 Ep16 – Checkmate Review

Ain’t no mountain high enough to stop Oliver Queen getting the truth! Episode 16 begins with him at the top of one, en route to find Talia. He has worked out that she trained Prometheus. She’s also pretty pissed with Oliver for killing her father so isn’t forthcoming in helping him. She does however throw him a bone and reveals to Oliver that Prometheus is none other than Adrian Chase. 

He goes back to the office and confronts Adrian, who informs Oliver that he’s kept Susan captive and if he dies, so does she. 

Back at the Arrow cave, Oliver tells the team about Adrian. They spilt up and go looking for Susan and agree not to involve the SCPD just yet. This means things get weird as Adrian and Oliver are still working together at City Hall. There’s lots of sneering and grunting as they go back and forth threatening each other under their breath. It’s pretty humorous!!!

Felicity finally shows up after cheating on Team Arrow with her Helix pals. Oliver tells her how worried he is about her keeping secrets. She has however fitted in some work amongst having hacking fun and has found Adrian Chase isn’t his real name. Oliver takes the evidence to Captain Pike who is then stabbed by a ‘mystery man’ and ends up in a coma before he can act on anything. Felicity is getting in too deep and finds herself having to do Helix favours in order to continue using their systems. After re-directing some USA missiles for them, she manages to work out where Susan is being held and a rescue mission begins. 

After Susan is saved, The Green Arrow and Prometheus come face to face. In walks Diggle with Adrian’s wife who previously wouldn’t believe Oliver’s claims that her husband is the Throwing Star Killer. Adrian is gutted but gets all stabby and kills her. A fight begins until Talia turns up and interrupts them. Oliver finds himself chained up waiting for his punishment … 

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