Arrow – S5 Ep21 – Honor Thy Fathers Review

Oliver is booted out his office as a suspicious package has been delivered to him. Obviously being Oliver, he refuses to leave and instead opens the box. It’s not quite a gift anyone would appreciate – he finds the remains of a corpse which has been buried in cement. After some DNA tests it’s discovered that the corpse is Henry Goodwin, and some DNA under his nails prove to be of Robert Queen. Oliver is stumped at what the connection between the two men could be. Thea is back in town just in time to discover the great news about Daddy Queen.

In other news, criminals who had been sent to jail by Adrian Chase are being re-trailed due to him currently being Star City’s biggest criminal. Samson has been freed and is straight back to business. The team think he is working with Mr Chase. 

Felicity is working hard trying to find any clues as to what Adrian Chase has planned, and a lead takes Oliver and Diggle straight into a trap. They fall through the floor in a dark building (don’t any buildings in Star City have lights?) and find themselves swimming in cement. No time to panic though as Dinah and Curtis are on it and save them with the help of the all powerful t-sphere. 

Oliver and Thea speak to an old lawyer they have found who represented both Henry Goodwin and Adrian’s dad. He doesn’t offer much help apart from a USB which Adrian has asked him to hand over. Oliver must be getting pretty damn frustrated at Adrian’s ability to constantly stay one step ahead. Thea gives in to temptation and finds security footage of Robert pushing Henry into a big pot of cement. Oliver and Thea struggle with the footage they have seen, and the realisation of what their father was truly like. 

Felicity and Curtis have figured out what Samson is up to. The team suit up and their search for Samson leads them to Prometheus! The others run off to stop Samson and his men while The Green Arrow and Prometheus have their own little party on a stair case. They stop throwing punches and exchange insults instead which uncovers that Adrian too has Daddy issues. Oliver enjoys letting him know that he was so messed up as a child that his father planned to disown him. Adrian reacts by going all submissive and kneels in front of Oliver asking to be killed. Oliver chooses to have him arrested instead. 

Surely it’s not all that easy though? Well the smirk on Chase’s face at the end of the episode kinda implies the celebration drinks Team Arrow are going for are definitely premature.

In the flashbacks Oliver takes Anatoly back to the island and his plan to return home is put into action. Kovar puts a spanner in the works when he shoots a dart into Oliver’s neck and appears from out the trees.

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