Arrow – S5 Ep22 – Missing Review

Brace yourselves because this is a flipping fantastic episode!!! 

So the atmosphere is pretty harmonious in Star City now that Adrian Chase is behind bars where he belongs. It’s Oliver’s Birthday and he’s going to celebrate for the first time in years by going on a date that’s not a date with Felicity. When he arrives to pick her up the door is ajar which sends his spidey senses tingling. He floors a guy who turns out to be Curtis and as he spins around he realises his pals have organised a surprise party. Funniest reaction to a surprise birthday party EVER!!!!!!!!!!

They all tuck into some Green Arrow Birthday cake and discuss their plans now there’s no super villain to defeat. Oliver’s big plans of buying socks are bound to keep him very busy! 

And here we have it! The moment we have all been waiting for and possibly the happiest moment of Season 5 …. Olicity are back on!!! 

Afterwards, Curtis goes to Dinah’s house as she was absent from the party. Now, Dinah is either extremely messy or her house has been broken into and trashed. Curtis finds out the hard way by being hit over the head and dragged away.  Oliver and Diggle get over there asap and find a dart which makes Oliver believe that Talia is involved in Chase’s plan. He pays Adrian a visit to find out where his friends are but Adrian gives nothing away, apart from this is all part of his dastardly plan.

Thea and Quentin are taken to an ARGUS (not so) safe house, but are taken hostage by Laurel and Evelyn. Oh wait, yes … Laurel aka Black Siren is back. Quentin struggles to comprehend Thea’s explanation that this Laurel is from a different earth, and that he needs to fight her back.

Oliver realises that Adrian is picking off his friends and family one by one and he begs Felicity and Diggle to run and hide. They leave Star City possibly a little too late as they too are captured. When he realises what is happening, Oliver goes all kung fu panda on Chase back in his glass cage of emotion. Chase gives Oliver an ultimatum … set him free or his friends die. He proceeds to tease Oliver that he is one loss away from destroying him, and reels off a list of who he might kill. Oliver heads back to the bunker to find Malcolm Merlyn waiting for him. They put aside their unfinished business to start searching for Thea and the others.

As Adrian is carted off to be transferred he tells Oliver that all his friends are going to die, right before Oliver gets a video call showing him that William has been captured. Malcolm and Oliver quickly get to work at freeing Adrian from being taken to another prison only to have him not keep his word. We all know Oliver ain’t stupid though … he works out that he needs to get himself to Lian Yu pretty quickly. He rounds up some extra support from Nyssa and his pure desperation leads him to an old frenemy.

In the flashbacks Kovar has Oliver tied up and injects him with some funky drug which causes Oliver to relive every scratch, cut and wound he has gained in the past 5 years, as well as experience each awful experience he’s had since being on the island. This totally mirrors the present day torture Oliver is experiencing at the hand of Adrian Chase. Kovar passes him a gun with one bullet as a way out of what he is going through, but Oliver ends up shooting his way out of his prison cell. 

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