Arrow – S5 Ep23 – Lian Yu Review

Oliver frees Slade from his cell (who is in possession of all his marbles FYI). He’s surprised that Oliver hasn’t killed him in retaliation for killing his mother, and agrees to help in receipt of being handed back his Deathstroke mask.

Oliver, who is back in the Green Arrow gear for the first time in ages finds Felicity, Thea, Curtis and Samantha in cages. Just as he sets about trying to help them out, Talia and Evelyn appear out of nowhere and make their best attempt at stopping him. Oliver asks Malcolm to help the others find the plane and take them back to the mainland, while he, Nyssa and Slade trawl through the island looking for Adrian and the rest of Oliver’s pals.

Talking of the others, Evil Laurel takes Diggle and Quentin to where Dinah and Rene have been hiding. They are all chained up together and start to panic that Oliver won’t have a clue where to find them. 

In search of the plane, Malcolm attempts to start patching up his relationship with Thea. He’s not even disheartened when she tells him AGAIN, how much she hates him. Mid-rant, Thea steps on a land mine. Malcolm puts his words into action as he pushes Thea out the way and quickly takes her place. As Talia’s band of merry men start to catch them up, Malcolm tells them all to leave him and find safety. The rest of the group make a quick getaway but are stopped in their tracks when they hear a big explosion behind them. Surely there’s no way a huge character like Malcolm Merlyn would meet his end just like that? I’m pretty certain we will see him back in the shadows of Star City in Season 6. 

Nyssa works out where the others must be and leads Oliver and Slade them. Just before they get a chance to free them, Laurel turns up and Slade knocks Oliver out, handing him over to her. Your heart sinks at this point, it’s gutting to see that Slade was just playing Oliver in the end. They have so much history, deep down we just want them to be friends again, right? Anyway, Oliver is taken to the others and chained up with them. Never fear though, Oliver has Dinah’s Canary voice in his back pocket and she manages to break the chains with her lethal scream. 

Nyssa bumps into her sister and show us that Gamora and Nebula aren’t the only super sisters with issues (yes, yes … I know! Wrong comic universe but you were thinking it too!!!) A proper bitch fight begins so they can settle their differences, who doesn’t LOVE a good bitch fight!!! Slade drops by again, and turns all our frowns upside down by revealing his betrayal was Oliver’s plan! Hooooray! Nyssa knocks her sister out and then Oliver and the others join them. They come face to face with Adrian and his gang. Another big fight breaks out, this was so enjoyable to watch!!! Especially when we were given a showdown between Black Siren and Black Canary. Oliver isn’t far from begging Adrian to tell him where William is, but he teases Oliver that the only way he will find out is if he kills him. 

Felicity and Curtis work out that the island is rigged with bombs everywhere and Adrian reveals that if he dies the whole island will explode. Oliver tells everyone else to go find the plane so they can get off the island. 

Oliver goes on the chase after Adrian to find him getting on a boat. Oliver manages to jump on just as it leaves and attempts to punch Williams’s whereabouts out of him. Adrian takes great pleasure in bringing William out onto the deck and reveals his final piece of revenge …. Oliver must choose between keeping William alive, or EVERYONE else. Oliver still refuses to kill Adrian so the option is taken away from him. Adrian shoots himself in the head which detonates all the bombs on Lian Yu.

In the last ever episode of flashbacks, Kovar arrives back at the cell to find Oliver gone. Oliver is running out of time to get where he needs to be. He kills every single one of Kovar’s men and eventually kills Kovar himself. He runs to the shore and shoots an arrow which ignites a fire, and is seen by some fishermen. He’s found and rescued! On the boat, Oliver makes a very emotional call to Moira, and after 5 years he’s on his way home. 

Well …… I must say I enjoyed this season’s finale episode so much! It was great to have Oliver’s past influence what will happen in his future and it’s almost like his story has gone full circle with it all being set on Lian Yu. It was great to have Slade back, aswell as seeing other characters such as Nyssa again. 

I for one think Prometheus/ Adrian Chase has been an absolutely incredible villain. No one else has managed to get under Oliver’s skin like this. No one else has managed to cause him to stand back and look at his actions and his relationships in this way before. No one has been able to stay one step ahead of him right up until the end! Even in Adrian’s death, Oliver is powerless to do anything about what is happening around him.  

It’s hard to even guess where Season 6 will take us but I think we will have quite a different Oliver Queen! Oh and NO MORE FLASHBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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