HVFF London – May 2018

It may feel like a distant memory now but Heroes and Villains Fan Fest was a very enjoyable weekend of geekery over the May bank holiday weekend. I said it last year and I’m happy to say the same again, HVFF is the most relaxed, well organised, non stressful con I’ve been to. People go for different reasons, whether it’s for photos, to watch panels, chat to guests or just a general wonder round. I’ve picked apart the main parts of HVFF and given my views on each!!

The Layout

The layout of the event was changed this year and it made the con feel even more relaxed due to the amount of space there was. Guests were spread out nicely between two floors, and were grouped together depending on the shows they were from. They could have utilised the space a bit better by having more vendors there, but the ones they did have had some brilliant artwork. Photo shoots and panels took place next to each other which made waiting in line for a photo op much less boring as you were kept entertained.

Photo Ops

I booked a few photo ops this year, but as I have been attending these cons for a few years now I’ve met most of the attendees. The duo and group photos are a great opportunity to have bespoke photos and I don’t personally think the prices are that unreasonable. I will say though that booking photo ops is not the best way to meet the guests. They are really rushed and while you do get caught up in the moment and it’s still all very exciting, you don’t get any quality time with them. This year I couldn’t resist the OTA photo, the Canary photo (which I never understood why Juliana wasn’t added to) and the Torchwood cast photo. I can’t believe they managed to get the WHOLE cast!!!!

Meeting guests

The line up was really well rounded this year and they had guests from a range of shows that got different groups of fans excited. Obviously, the majority came from Arrow, The Flash, Legends and Gotham but we had people from Riverdale, The Gifted and (most exciting for me) Torchwood. Two guests stand out in my mind after meeting them, Josh Segarra and Kirk Acevedo. Both genuinely great guys who were so friendly and chatty. I had a really fun chat with Kirk about Game of Thrones, oh and that he’s missed out big time by not watching Saved By The Bell (his wife was in it). Juliana Harkavy was a sweetheart and spent a lot of time with each person who went to her table. I had total beard envy of her partner. Another person I was very excited to meet was Hartley Sawyer who was a great guy in person! If I was giving a newbie advice I would say this is the best way to meet the guests at HVFF as you get to spend a decent amount of time with them, interact with them as well as getting things signed and a selfie if that’s what you fancy. However, I’m definitely considering a VIP pass next year as sometimes the queues do get quite long.


The one thing I’m gutted about is that I didn’t see more of these although they were always really busy with people queuing well in advance for them. I did however manage to watch the Torchwood panel which was hilarious, aswell as John Barrowman’s which was very en

I don’t know why, but I would say I enjoyed HVFF even more this year. It was nice just walking around, meeting the few guests I hadn’t before and watching some panels. It was also really nice bumping into people I interact with on twitter, even though there were a few I didn’t spot anywhere. If you’re a fan of the DCTV universe I would fully recommend going to this con as I can’t imagine anyone coming away disappointed. I am keeping everything crossed that they manage to get us Carlos Valdes and Grant Gustin next year. Also some different Supergirl guests would be cool too.

Check out my photos below

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