The Flash – S5 Ep1 – Nora Review

Woooohoooo we’re back in Central City and season 5 picks up right where we left off. Nora has introduced herself as Barry and Iris’ daughter and as everyone stands around in disbelief she explains that she can’t run fast enough to get herself back home. We also hear Nora narrate the introduction to the episode instead of Barry … she’s Nora West-Allen aka XS (a nickname given to her by Iris), the fastest woman alive and where she’s from, in 30 years time, she is the guardian of Central City.
This episode was a brilliant start to the new season. Nora is sweet, excitable and after being instructed by her father not to reveal anything from the future to prevent screwing up the timeline, is clearly struggling with whatever she is hiding from her family. Whilst she utterly idolises Barry, it’s pretty clear from the start that there’s something going down between her and Iris. I loved how much of a Flash superfan Nora is. She knows every outcome to every battle Barry has ever had and what he wore during it.
Barry is torn away from bonding with his daughter to stop a meta called Gridlock who has found himself in a spot of bother. He isn’t overly happy about having to recycle his old suits as his current one is ripped to shreds after his final dealings with The Thinker. Nora shows up excited to be crime fighting alongside her Dad but unintentionally messes up, allowing Gridlock to escape. Here starts the teams two missions of the week 1) find Gridlock and 2) help Nora get home. The second part seems a little more difficult though after Wally returns from getting Gideon’s help on the Waverider to find out that Nora’s cells are slowing down, preventing her from travelling back to the future.
Barry begins to feel that she has ulterior motives for wanting to stay and Nora eventually reveals that in 2049, where she’s travelled from, Barry has been missing for 25 years. She has no memories of her father at all and is desperate to get to know him. Her wish comes true later though as she teams up with her Dad and Uncle to save a plane from crashing after Gridlock tries to steal some jewels from a passenger. Barry uses some wise words and gives her a very familiar pep talk which helps her control her powers in order to phase and the trio of speedsters save the day.
Nora doesn’t only bring bad news with her either. When Barry runs out of suits she passes him a ring which a brand new, EPIC suit appears out of. I bloody love Barry’s new suit. It’s just so flash (ahem), it almost glows and I thought it really looked similar to the suit John Wesley Shipp wore back in the day.
As the episode wraps up Barry decides to let Nora stay so they can all help her restore her powers. Ralph has been doing some digging after finding out that Killer Frost has disappeared and it looks like Caitlin’s father might actually not be dead. We see Gridlock being carted off to prison only to be ambushed. As the door to his van opens, a mysterious figure comes out of the shadows announcing that he wants everyone to die. Meet Cicada everyone!!!!
I have to draw special attention to my favourite two moments this week! The first is that I was happy to see drunk (soon to be hungover) Cisco again, who delivered yet another incredible line ‘don’t drink and vibe’. The other was from Ralph, but to be fair every scene revolving around Ralph is my favourite. I enjoyed watching him discover the possibility of other universes just to have his pure exasperation swatted away by how underwhelmed the rest of the team are by the old news.
I cannot wait to see more of Chris Klein as Cicada. Ever since his casting was announced I’ve been intrigued to see what he brings to the show.

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