Titans – S1 Ep1 Review

So the first Trailer for Titans was polarising to say the least, a dark and gritty take on characters that we had last seen on tv in Teen Titans Go, with the cracking of bones and the generous use of blood up to the now infamous F Batman line, it was a far cry from the goofy group of cartoon kids having fun, but is that a bad thing?

Further trailers and character photos only brought more outrage from some people, Starfire’s costume, Beast Boy not being green, the list began to mount up. To say there was a lot of negativity heading towards this show would be an understatement! I however was excited for a live action version of the Teen Titans, to see how they do Beast boy and Starfire and hopefully to see a young Robin hopefully turn into a fully-fledged Nightwing. However wishful thinking aside the time has come and the first episode of Titans has dropped on the DC Universe platform and I will attempt to give my honest review without spoilers as best I can, so here we go….

First off, this show is dark, like super dark, something happens early on that made me sit up and take notice, there are also some very dark and questionable decisions made by the characters that seem very uncharacteristic however I don’t believe this is the way they are going to go with the Titans. I could be wrong but not unlike how during the first season of Arrow Oliver Queen killed numerous people only to realise that’s not the way to be a hero, this rough around the edges group of ‘teens’ (some of them are definitely not teens probably hence the title change) will band together as a force for good later down the line.

So, without spoiling too much we are first introduced to Rachel (Raven) who without actually knowing him has a connection to Dick Grayson, this episode is very much centered around her and her true origins! Dick Grayson (Robin) who has left Gotham and is a detective in the Detroit Police department who doesn’t want a partner as he had problems with his last one……. Kory Anders (Starfire) who appears to have amnesia after a car accident as has no idea who or indeed what she is! and lastly, we get our first introduction to Gar Logan (Beast-Boy) albeit very brief.

I guess the main question would be did I enjoy it and as a whole I really did, there are things I would’ve preferred like rather than being in Detroit it be set in a fictional DC city like Bludhaven and I’m not sure about the whole Dick Grayson being a detective seems a little too on the nose but in the comics he was a secret agent for a time and its better than his current job in the comics owning a workout studio. Raven is great she plays the whole lost girl/demon inside very well and I can’t wait to see how they’re going to deal with her actual origin.  I don’t know what’s going on with Starfire which makes me want to know more, oh also the outrage over her ‘costume’ is pointless as its literally just a dress she’s wearing, and we are clearly being made to wait for the actual reveal. The disappointing thing would be the lack of Beast-Boy, I know they did it to get people excited for the next ep but a little more would’ve been great as we are still to be introduced to Hawk and Dove!

Its always hard to tell about a show after its first episode but I genuinely believe there is a solid foundation here I’m excited to see what’s next!

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