The Flash – S5 Ep2 – Blocked Review

Let’s just cut to the chase … Cicada is flipping awesome. We get to see more of the sinister character this week and I find myself completely intrigued by him and his lightning infused dagger. Who would have thought Oz from American Pie could play creepy so well!!!! By the end of the episode he has his first encounter with The Flash and it doesn’t take long for Barry, Cisco and Ralph to recognise what a serious threat he is. The most interesting thing though is when he sees Nora he’s practically paralysed as the two share a look. They’ve clearly met before which opens up a whole heap of questions such as is he from the future and how the hell do they know each other?

I’m enjoying watching the little trio of Cisco, Caitlin and Ralph come together. Their friendship really adds a nice extra dimension to the show. Watching Cisco trying to work through his absolute heartbreak over Gypsy ends up quite humorous as they use Ralph’s tried and tested ‘27 ways to getting over the love of your life’ program. Returning the favour, Cisco and Ralph offer Caitlin support and some words of wisdom in preparation for dealing with what’s in store from investigating her father’s fake death certificate.

After the success of her blog, Iris is continuing with her investigative journalism which I like as it gives the character more to do than just sitting behind the desk at Star Labs. She throws herself into discovering what happened to Gridlock to distract herself from her new family life. She’s jealous of the relationship between Barry and Nora, especially after Nora has appointed herself as Barry’s intern at work meaning that they spend even more time together. She’s good though and makes the link between Cicada’s attack on Gridlock and the man who just went for Barry.

Nora is put into training as Barry takes on a back to basics approach to try and teach her not to jump in to every situation without thinking. There was a really nice scene between Barry and Joe when he goes to Grandpa for some parenting advice. Joe is also tasked with pacifying Cecile who is struggling to deal with losing her powers.

Two episodes in and the story is strong already. I’m happy that we are delving into Caitlin’s past as it will be great to learn more about her, Chris Klein is doing brilliantly and I’m thinking there might still be more to Nora than what we know at present.

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