Titans – S1 Ep2 – Hawk and Dove Review

So here we are with episode 2 of Titans Hawk and Dove! The episode opens with our introduction to Hawk (Hank Hall) not looking at his best tied up and about to be tortured and it seems like they’re going to be very mature with Titans as he is letting f-bombs go left and right. The costume is looking pretty spot on I really like it. The Lights Go Out and Dove (Dawn Granger) drops into the room and just absolutely ruins everyone, again her costume is looking on point. We cut to Hank and Dawns apartment where Hank is taking painkillers and I totally forgotten he’s played by Alan Ritchson who played Aquaman in Smallville! Also, Dawn is wearing a Superman t-shirt which means Superman exists in the Titans universe.

Hank and Dawn appears to be trying to get out of the vigilante game and Hank seems very broken down, things jump backwards 4 years and we get a cool fight between Hawk and Dove and some bad guys then all of a sudden Robin shows up and starts fighting alongside them, clearly all these guys have history, we see a picture of Hank, Dawn and Dick and another dark haired girl who I’m assuming is Donna Troy?

Dick and Rachel are on their way to Hank and Dawn as Dick says it’s a safe place, they arrive and Rachel introduces herself but when she shakes Dawns hand she gets a flash of Dawn and Dick together in bed. Hank clearly doesn’t like Dick clearly due to their past, Dawn wants Dick to help them with the last big mission before they leave the vigilante lifestyle, but Dick doesn’t want to, tensions run high Dick and Hank get into a bit of a shoving match but Rachel uses her powers to stop them.

We see what appears to be a lovely family in suburbia, who seem to be some kind of sleeper agents who then find and attack Dick Grayson’s detective partner looking for Dick, that seemingly nice family are a bunch of psychos.

Hawk and Dove go to do their final job, but it doesn’t go well and they get cornered and things look like how to go south but then Robin turns up and takes out all of the guys brutally, so brutally even Dove mentions that she’s never seen him like that before.

Rachel finds a letter that Dick has left for asking Hank and Dawn to look after her with some money, even though he had promised not to leave her he was going to anyway. Things are not going well for the group and then it gets worse when the Psycho family turns up!!

They beat up Dick and Hank and they throw Dawn off the roof, then they find Rachel and take her, when Dick and Hank come to they run downstairs to find Dawn is in really bad shape and it doesn’t look good for her Dick starts chest compressions to try to keep her alive, up on the roof a Raven flies into shot then it fades to black.

This was a great episode, a solid continuation from episode 1, Hawk and Dove were great and their costumes look amazing, super close to being comic book accurate. The expansion of Dick Grayson’s character is great, how dark he’s become after working with Batman for so long, he’s clearly having some issues coming back from the brink. I like the introduction of Hawk and Dove but there was no Starfire or Beast Boy in this ep so I’m hoping we get more of them soon, so far I’m really enjoying the direction this show is going so bring on episode 3!!

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