Arrow – S7 Ep2 – The Longbow Hunters Review

The second Arrow episode of season seven was another really good one, not as action packed as episode one but a bit more informative.

I loved the new opening to the show- “I am no longer a hero… I am- inmate 4587”- That alone had me fired up. I’m so excited to see how this season is going to progress and I’m infinitely happy that the prison arc isn’t just one or two episodes!

Oliver has got his fight back in this episode which is hinted at in the opening scene, where he tells a police officer that he is going to do anything to protect his wife and son. Stanley seems to have promoted himself to a full prison sidekick to Oliver, getting intel and coming up with phrases and life mottos like “WWGAD- What would Green Arrow do?”… Not a bad motto to be fair!

The team outside of prison has regrouped to discuss how to deal with Diaz, Felicity has been reunited with her tech and left her pink extensions behind, Rene is still in support of the “new Green Arrow” who we are still completely in the dark about!

Fast forward 20 years and we see William and Old Roy on a Lian Yu Camping trip, where William reveals that Oliver and Felicity abandoned him, and explains the reason he has come to Lian Yu is because the Arrowhead Felicity gave to him that symbolises reconnecting started beeping a few weeks back and when he opened it, the coordinates to Lian Yu where inside it. Roy advises William to throw it in the ocean and never look back.

I must take a moment here to credit whoever cast Ben in this role, I think the resemblance between him and Jack is uncanny! Though I do hope we see Jack again, I like his role in the present day story and can’t quite comprehend how Oliver and Felicity will reach a point where they abandon him, when currently, both their worlds revolve around him, so it will be interesting to see how that materialises, and it will also be refreshing to see the future storyline, which show-runner Beth has confirmed will continue throughout the season!

Since this episode is entitled “The Longbow Hunters”, it makes sense that this is the episode where we will be introduced to them! As someone who entered this world through the TV show rather than the comics, my knowledge about these villains is minimal. We see them steal a “high density battery from an offsite Argus facility” and we see parallel scenes of Diggle hosting a communication about the heist, and Felicity and Curtis trying to help solve it in a separate part of the building. A clear divide in the team is seen during this scene. Where Diggle is hunting the longbow hunters, at the request of his boss, Felicity is specifically targeting Diaz. Diggle asks Felicity to trust him, after she pleads with him to let her help him so she can get to Diaz.

We see some Canary bonding this episode. After fake Laurel shrugs off the protection Dinah has given her, Dinah allocates Laurels protection to herself. There is no love lost between these characters, but Dinah has the city’s interests at heart and with Diaz holding a personal grudge against Laurel, and Quentin’s sacrifice to save his un-daughter (RIP Captain Lance), Dinah feels a sense of responsibility to honour that sacrifice and protect Laurel. And more importantly to her, the DA. Laurel sneaks off, and Dinah follows her to an abandoned building that Laurel explains belongs to Diaz, Laurel plans on killing Diaz, because she wants justice for Lance. Dinah confronts her about being a lying murderer who is faking her life, and Laurel enters the building and comes up against a longbow hunter who is protected against the canary cry and ends up in a brawl where she is losing, until Dinah helps and their cries together break the barrier this woman has against their powers. Later in the episode Laurel visits Dinah and explains she will accept any protection Dinah wants her to have. She adds that Quentin means a lot to her because he was the first person to care about her in a long time. She tells Dinah how much pain his death caused her and apologises for killing Vinnie, and causing her a similar pain. Katie Cassidy has played so many different versions of this character and she does a great job every time. I really liked this scene, and I hope Laurel’s character remains good.

Back behind bars, Oliver approaches Brick and his crew for intel on Diaz, Brick tells Oliver that he will give him all the information he requires, under one condition, he must prove himself worthy of Brick’s friendship, Oliver must make one of the guards disappear (the now infamous “good morning inmate 4587” guard)

Back on the outside Felicity and Curtis can’t resist taking a shot at bringing down Diaz, and with some serious hacking skills they locate the longbow hunters hideout and recruit Rene- on location they bump into Diggle and his team, they bump heads over the situation, Felicity attempting to hack the computers cause them to self-destruct, and Felicity points out that if Diggle wouldn’t have been secretive it wouldn’t have happened. Diggle reveals the Battery that was stolen was a powerful weapon, and Felicity’s stunt just ruined their lead! (I must admit, I do feel like Diggle could be a bit more active in helping the team get Diaz, Oliver is his best friend after all, and poor William night never been seen again because of this, the kids been shipped to a boarding school and nobody seems to miss him…)

After this incident Diggle blocks Felicity’s computer access which makes her furious, she points out that she has lost everything through Diaz and she refuses to accept that Oliver is gone for good, and she can’t believe Dig is so accepting of it. She voices her disappointment in Diggle and I have to agree with her. She vows to stop Diaz, with or without Diggle. Side point: In seasons 1 and 2, I loved Felicity, and I progressively began to dislike her during season three and that dislike continued during seasons 4-6, however I’m beginning to enjoy her character again this season which is a welcome surprise! Beth is doing a great job with her. Diggle later explains to Felicity that the reason he couldn’t take the mantle as Green Arrow like Oliver requested was because he saw what it did to Oliver and his family, and he didn’t want the same outcome for Lyla and his son. Felicity says she respects that decision but as long as Diaz is still free, Oliver’s sacrifice was for nothing. Curtis interrupts with a lead on the longbow hunters and Diggle agrees that she can help so long as she follows Argus rules. Overwatch steps back in position and helps lead a mission against the Longbow hunters to retrieve the stolen battery. In a fight scene on a train a hunter with a shield takes down most of Diggle’s men and another one gasses the carriage with Diggle in, Felicity opens the carriage and Dig is faced with Diaz, who he fights to retrieve the battery from, then lets him get away so that he keeps the weapon distanced from him, a decision that Felicity struggles with. When Diggle returns Felicity declares that she understands why Diggle saved the weapon, but her mission is to keep her family safe, so she is going to disband her relationship with Argus and find someone who wants to bring down Diaz as must as she does, so she approaches agent Watson.

In prison Oliver and Stanley use a computer from the 60’s to gather some intel on the guard we now know as Peter, to try and get something they can use against him, they come up with nothing against him, Peter is a Law-abiding jerk. Oliver struggles with the idea of having to ruin an innocent man’s life. Brick and his guys hand Oliver a Knife and demand he use that to get rid of Peter. Later that day Peter searches Oliver’s Cell and Oliver warns him that somebody wants him dead and advises him to leave. Peter arrogantly shrugs off the warning and walks away. At lunch Oliver approaches Peter and causes a scene, demanding to know what his problem is, and why he has had it in for him since day one. Oliver riles him up and makes him mad then stabs himself with the knife Brick gave him, making it look like the guard did it, resulting in Peter being dragged away by the other guards, achieving what Brick wanted.

Flash forward 20 years we learn that William is quite the successful adult, and he won’t give up on his mystery mission! Roy finally looks at the coordinates and knows where they lead- to a grave he didn’t know about, and when they dig it up, it’s Oliver’s box of tricks from Lian Yu with his bow in it. The bow has a compartment with a note in it that Roy burns before declaring they must return to Star City.

A strong second episode, so many stories being told at the same time and I think it’s awesome! I love all the different teams, Laurel and Dinah, Watson and Felicity, Oliver and his Stan! All unlikely alliances that I’m sure will have interesting paths! I’m ALL IN for this season! I can’t wait for episode three. I won’t apologise for the length of my reviews. My enthusiasm for this season is limitless!

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