Legends Of Tomorrow – S4 Ep1 Review

So, the Legends are back and are being hailed as heroes for saving and fixing history. Although they seem happy with the medals it is clear that they miss the challenge and the adventure and are wishing for the excitement that they have become accustomed to. The wish for dragons I’m sure is something they will regret as a twist of fantasy is going to dominate this year.

Enter John Constantine (Matt Ryan) who has been promoted to season regular this year. Constantine warns Sara again of the darkness that is rising and suggests that Ava and Sara should stop playing tiddly winks and pay attention. (Although this was seen on the trailer the tiddly winks reference did make me chuckle). I’m really looking forward to the dry and dark humour plus the trouble that will undoubtedly follow Constantine and the team this season.

The split screen and the discoveries of the team see them all hippie ready and in 1969 Woodstock to prevent a massacre. But first they need to find the killer. Cue killer unicorn that promptly and enjoyably skewers a woman taken in by its fantastical air and magic. Sara has already gone in search of Constantine to assist. Meanwhile the Legends are sprayed by the unicorn with what was creatively called ‘sparkle sauce’. This sauce causes hallucinations and you see Mick, Nate, Ray and Zari all high as unicorns. The funniest of these was Ray’s hallucination of Nora. Watching Ray literally tree hugging was just funny to watch. Poor Ray always falling for the wrong girl and with Nora – Darhkness will never be far away. I’m sure Ray’s feelings for Nora will be explored as the Season progresses.

Post high – the Legends with the help of Constantine put together a spell to send the unicorn to hell. Sadly, the spell requires a virgin and poor Gary is served up as the bait naively thinking the pomegranate is the bait. When Gary queries his status with Constantine– (the implication is clear – Gary is spending too much time with this Hellraiser). With amazing special effects Constantine conjures the spell and the unicorn grabs onto Gary as the unicorn tries to escape hell. As Gary is pulled closer to hell we end up with a Tug of Gary scenario (unicorn one side and legends the other). Luckily for Gary he is saved from hell and I hope we will learn more about Gary’s backstory this year.

Although the story was a plethora of colour, with fun music, special effects and costumes there were some serious moments which I will recap on. Nate’s strained relationship with his father, Ray’s feelings for Nora and Zari’s sadness for her family.  Sara tries once again to recruit Constantine but Constantine refuses and Sara leaves. The episode closes with Constantine exiting the shower and being attacked and a warning in blood is left for Constantine. Think Constantine will be joining the team after all and what is clear the Legends will come face to face with fantasy and closer to hell than they could ever have imagined.  I enjoyed the episode and I’m looking forward to seeing what is next…….

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