The Flash – S5 Ep3 – The Death of Vibe Review

Pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together this week as we find out more about Cicada and what he’s trying to achieve. We also learn from a little walk around The Flash museum in 2032 that he’s played a big part in Barry’s future and while the likes of Supergirl, The Green Arrow and the Legends have all tried, he’s never been caught.

Nora feels huge amounts of guilt but lets be honest … this is all her fault. Her coming to find her Dad has changed the timeline causing Cicada to surface much sooner than he should have. She becomes hell bent on trying to put her actions right and her first stroke of genius leads them to a brand new Harrison Wells. We are introduced to the best detective in the multiverse, Harrison Sherlock Wells. Or rather, with his French accent, Sherloque Wells. It was brilliant to have Tom Cavanagh back where he belongs and it’s even more interesting to have him play a completely different version of Wells. He’s always portrayed Wells as semi-arrogant due to smarts but Sherlock is pompous, boastful, untrustworthy and well – just a bit of a dick!! His detective skills do however cause him to seem suspicious of Nora.

As the title of the episode suggests, Cisco finds himself in quite a lot of trouble. Cicada makes his way to Joe’s home and holds him hostage demanding that he calls Cisco. This is when we find out that contrary to the impression he gave when her attacked Gridlock, he’s not after EVERYONE – just metas. I can’t wait for more of his backstory to unravel, it’s going to be so interesting watching it play out on screen. Eventually Cisco comes to the rescue but when Cicada pushes him back through his breach he’s left running for his life. Amidst all the danger of dodging lightening daggers, he does manage to crack one of those perfectly timed, super funny Cisco pop culture references by comparing Cicada to Michael Myers.

After being turned into a meme by the public, Caitlin tries to cheer Ralph up by continuing their investigation into her fathers death. Ralph has to be the only character on tv who can make being continuously shot by lasers pretty damn funny. They have a bit of a breakthrough and whilst it’s not the ending Caitlin was hoping for she finds comfort in having some closure. Well that is until she manages to uncover a secret message left for her by her Dad. She should be careful though, there are eyes on her.

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