Titans – S1 Ep3 – Origins Review

So, Ep 3 of Titans and things are really ramping up!!

We’re back with Kory (Starfire) still searching for Rachel (Raven) and still with little to no memory, she is at Rachels house all taped off after Rachels mother was murdered, she goes inside looks through some pictures before she’s surprised by some cops, who she manages to take down, it flashes forward to where we left the last episode with the psycho family taking Rachel, Kory follows them for a while until they take a break and goes in to rescue her, she proceeds to destroy half a building and burn the psycho dad to a crisp, not very heroic really but the guy may have had it coming.

Dawn is in hospital hooked up to all kinds of machines but she’s alive, at least for now. We get a flashback to young Dick Grayson not long after the accident at the circus and he’s told that they suspect his parents may have been murdered, but he’s going to be taken in by Bruce Wayne, we then see the Wayne Mansion in all its glory but Dick isn’t happy and runs away by jumping out a window and displaying his acrobatic skills, in the background of the mansion we see a silhouette of Bruce

Kory and Rachel are heading to a convent that they find details of on the back of one of pictures Kory picked up at Rachels house, they stop at diner to grab some food and get into a scuffle with some local bad guys in which Kory kicks some serious ass and saves the nice people in the diner.

Dick is hot on their trail after getting info from the crime scene where Kory rescued Rachel and uses some sweet Wayne tech to track down the car they’re in, we then get another flashback to young Dick walking around some more of Wayne Manor and stealing one of the cars (the car he’s now driving around in)

Back with Kory and Rachel, they reach the convent looking for answers, they remember Kory from a year ago when she was looking for Rachel then and welcome Rachel ‘home’ and show her her old room, Kory also finds out that the key she has is to a locker at a local arcade.

Back with the psycho family minus the dad of course! And they are at what I imagine is the headquarters of whatever organisation they’re from and we meet their boss who’s making eggs but very threateningly lol, he starts talking about Rachel and how she is the key to bringing fourth something to scrub the world clean but it can’t come into our world without Rachels invitation, I’m assuming we’re talking about Trigon! He gives the family a second chance to get her.

Kory and Rachel are at the arcade where Kory has a key to a locker, inside she finds another key this time to a storage locker, Rachel is playing some arcade games and Gar (Beast Boy) turns up, finally!! The two awkwardly flirt before Dick arrives after finally tracking Kory and Rachel down, he says he’s taking Rachel, she says no as she feels betrayed by him and she’s not going anywhere without Kory, she gets upset and unleashes her powers in the car park smashing all the windows in all the cars, they quickly get out of there, leaving Gar staring after them

Another flashback to young Dick after being caught joyriding, they ask why he’s trying to run away, he says he’s not running, he’s searching, searching for the people who killed his parents so he can kill them! Behind the glass mirror we see the back of Bruce Wayne, back at the mansion there’s a letter for dick from Bruce saying ‘revenge isn’t the answer, let me teach you another way’

Dick and Raven are sat in the chapel at the convent and Dick is talking to Rachel telling her he can help her channel her powers, so they don’t take control of her, at which point he hears Kory driving off in his car! She arrives at the storage locker and inside are loads of papers and tapes and stuff all over the walls, with pictures of Ravens and Rachel all put there by Kory it seems with some strange symbols that appear to be an alien language she can read.

Back at the convent the nice sweet nun who has been helping Rachel drugs her and locks her in a room with no windows and no way out!

Dick turns up at the storage locker where he and Kory start looking through all the stuff to find out more of what’s going on, the more Kory reads the more she finds out that Rachel is part of a prophecy and is the destroyer of worlds!!

In the locked room, the dark side of Rachel starts to come out telling her she has no one but the darkness and to let it in! She tries to stop it but ultimately her eyes go black she starts to scream, and a massive explosion is seen at the convent and our last shot is Rachel running away.

Well, what an episode! My favourite so far, things are all starting to click into place and the team is coming together, still a bit Beast Boy light, but I think he’s going to be the catalyst to bring Rachel back from the darkness, also loving Kory learning more about herself and her and Dick working together! Interesting to see Wayne Manor and various Bruce Wayne sightings without actually seeing him lol, I’ll be interested to see if they actually have him in it at all, if they’re going to expand on Dicks training I imagine they’ll have to. This show is getting better by the week, I love it!

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