The Flash – S5 Ep4 – News Flash Review

This was a really insightful episode! Some gaps are filled for us and there’s a big surprise. We also learn that Iris is a terrible cook and while he might be the fastest man alive, Barry is awful at softball.

Sherloque agrees to take Ralph’s lead in the next stage of their Cicada investigation. Ralph’s confidence in his detective abilities seems to be at rock bottom so he’s a man on a mission with something to prove. His nose leads them both to a warehouse where workers wear masks just like the one Cicada uses and although after talking to one of them it appears that they are no closer to uncovering the truth, they are a hell of a lot closer than they realise.

It was looking like the relationship between Iris and Nora was improving. Nope! Nora finds herself embroiled in a side plot this week with Iris’ arch nemesis, Spencer Young. Spencer is a rival journalist who Iris says is more concerned about becoming famous rather than reporting any real news. Unfortunately for Nora, she’s decided that she’s her way to the fame train. Iris’ resentment towards Spencer can only have increased too when Nora uses Spencer’s blog to find out what’s going on in the city, instead of her mothers, apparently because it’s better. It appears that Spencer has meta abilities in that she can hypnotise people by setting fake news headlines. She controls people and events and increases her popularity by reporting them first. Things only get more confusing when they realise that Spencer doesn’t have any meta abilities at all. We find out more about Nora when she meets Spencer face to face. It’s pretty clear that she’s got a crush on her, unaware that they have actually met before. I liked the arrival of Spencer so I’m hoping she appears on our screen again very soon.

Iris addresses the elephant in the room head on by asking Nora what her issue is and finds out that her future self blocked Nora’s powers her whole life and she only found out six months ago that she is a meta. An apology from Iris only makes Nora angrier, especially as Barry picks his wife’s side. I’m really, really enjoying the added dynamic Nora has brought to the show. It’s been fun to see Barry adapt with so much ease into his role as a Dad and the relationship between Nora and Iris is so complex and engaging.

There’s a huge gasp at the end of the episode as Sherloque, proving his value for money, concludes that Cicada gained his meta abilities because Nora helped destroy the satellite during the enlightenment, meaning that the timeline was altered and he was hit by some of the debris. This also leads to the discovery that the explosion has caused everyday objects to be altered meaning that ANYTHING can carry a meta power …. Spencer’s phone and Cicada’s lightning dagger being prime examples. WHATTTT????????? This opens up a whole load of crap coming Team Flash’s way!

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