Arrow – S7 Ep3 – Crossing Lines Review

There’s three different stories running through this episode. Oliver is still fixated on finding and dealing with whoever Diaz has on the inside. He’s sent on a wild goose chase by Brick to find a mysterious inmate known as The Demon but instead, finds his way into a secret room which hosts a fight club. He unwillingly becomes the star of the show and is caught in a fight with Sampson. I didn’t hold out much hope for Oliver here. He’s limping and is clearly still in a great deal of pain after stabbing himself in last week’s episode. The fight between Oliver and Sampson in this scene was visually stunning and yet again Stephen Amell showed off how frigging awesome he is. Against all odds, Oliver is triumphant. Brick still doesn’t cut him any slack and continues to taunt him, dangling a demon shaped fish in front of his face. He now needs to get to level 2 in the prison – the place where the worst of the worst are kept. Oliver is marched straight there after stabbing and beating prison officers to a pulp … you definitely can’t question his determination!!! I’m starting to worry that Oliver is becoming more consumed with revenge rather than being set free in order to protect his family and he’s taking himself to a place he might struggle to get out of.

Felicity has resulted to begging Samanda Watson to help her and I think the threat of The Longbow Hunters freaks her out. She reaches out to her boss for permission to start tracking Diaz but is ordered to stay out of it.

Rene is on board with Felicity’s plan and in the end they both manage to convince Dinah and Samanda to infiltrate Diaz’s next move with them. Samanda sneaks them into the CDC and Diaz arrives with his new pals not long after. I apologise to anyone who read my reviews of season 6 for continuing to sound like a broken record, but I just can’t describe how amazing I think Kirk Acevedo is as The Dragon. He’s everything a villain should be and all that is just enhanced by the addition of his sidekicks Kodiak, Red Dart and Silencer. As a team they really feel like a force to be reckoned with. So strong and watertight, we are so lucky to have Diaz as the main villain for another season! I also need to talk about how much Silencer freaks me out. The way she draws away all sound from around her makes my eyes water, it’s such a strange sensation but fantastic to watch (yeah I’m a freak). The scenes we have had so far with her fighting Dinah and Laurel have been brilliant.

Diaz escapes with a substance he is injecting himself with to enhance his strength. It was interesting hearing him talk about the state he was left in after falling off the roof at the end of last season as we didn’t really know what happened to him between then and now. Hearing that every bone in his body was shattered almost makes you feel bad for him … until he punches a hole in the wall with that distinct look of pure evil he has. He doesn’t even seem phased that Rene has Silencer tied up in a basement.

The third part of the episode shows Diggle, Lyla and Curtis taken to Zurich on undercover business for ARGUS. When Diggle suspects Lyla of doing some dodgy dealing she reveals that with Oliver out of action she feels the need to try and protect the people of Star City and at the same time almost implies that he should have put on The Green Arrow hood by now. Will that spur him on???

A fab episode this week and I’m thoroughly enjoying the tone and direction of the season so far. I can’t wait to see how Oliver copes with being sent to level 2 and if he will come face to face with The Demon. I’m also waiting with baited breath to see what Diaz is going to do next …

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