Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep3 – Dancing Queen Review

From the episodes title I had preconceived ideas about this episode. These went out of the window when I saw the Cast’s music video on Instagram. What a fantastic video and tease of this episode and using the music of The Clash is in my mind the only way of truly saying London Calling. But not just any London but Punk Rock London 1977.

The team arrive in London to save the British Monarchy as the Queen has been spotted being cheeky at a gig of a band called The Smell. The Queen’s actions if not corrected would throw the UK into total disarray.  Straight away the team believe that there is a magical creature who is part of the band. Their mission is to identify the creature and restore the timeline. Constantine reveals more of his backstory by revealing he is best placed to get next to the band as he was once in a band called Mucous Membrane. Before this can happen Mick and Constantine clash as Constantine sets fire to Mick’s foot. There was always going to be considerable heat between these two and this action results in a massive fight which sets the band running from the scene. It is clear that Mick does not trust Constantine. 

Back at the Time Bureau Nate and Gary have become time bros. Although Nate looks bored and unhappy about his choice of a desk job and only comes to life when he has to defeat a magical plant.

Meanwhile back in 1977 Ray who is waiting outside the gig becomes the unwitting getaway driver and new band member of The Smell. Ray is quickly put to the test and to pass the initiation steals one of the Queen’s Corgis with the help of the team. Meanwhile Constantine is drowning his sorrows at a pub in Liverpool and is soon tracked down by Zari. It is soon clear that Constantine has tracked down his parents and the mother he never met. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Constantine at this point as he never met his mother because she died in child birth and his father labelled him as killer. Constantine soon gets into a fight with his father and they leave with his mother saying I never want to see your face again. The sad thing is that this turns out to be the case. Constantine nearly opens up to Zari about the threat he is facing but soon shuts down. To me this episode saw Zari and Constantine bond and when Zari presents Constantine with a picture of him and his mother at the pub, he almost smiles. I’m interested to see if Zari can break through this prickly exterior.  

Meanwhile Ray or as the band would call him Rage soon discovers that the magical creature is lead band member Charlie, who is a shape shifter who has been masquerading as the Queen. The team arrive to save Ray who is in over his head and are about to send Charlie to hell when she shifts shape and they come face to face with themselves and Amaya. Unfortunately for them Constantine ends Charlie’s shape shifting ways and she will permanently look like Amaya. 

Ultimately when Sara returns to 2018 Nate admits to Sara that being on the Waverider without Amaya was too painful but he is now over this. Sara doesn’t mention Charlie and gives Nate more time at the Bureau. 

This episode was very different to the other episodes we have seen this season. I would have liked more music and a bit more humour within this episode. However, it has set the way for future episodes. It certainly helped you to understand Constantine’s character and it also showed how he is becoming part of the team. Charlie’s likeness to Amaya is also going to present problems for the team and Nate in particular. It seems the Legends have a new team member and Charlie is not at all happy about it. Life on the Waverider certainly isn’t going to be dull going forward.

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