Arrow – S7 Ep4 – Level Two Review

Down on level two, Oliver is experiencing torturous conditions in his new cell and begins a psychological evaluation. He’s injected with what appears to be a hallucinative/ truth serum by a Doctor and begins reliving past experiences. He’s poked, prodded and strapped up to a machine for long enough to the point where it looks like he’s loosing himself.
Felicity is itching to torture Silencer but Rene tries to put her off by warning her of the consequences. He’s been there, done that and been dealt the karma. Felicity chooses to ignore his advice and approaches Laurel for help instead. I actually love new/ fake Laurel. She’s trying to prove her good intentions, trying to live up to Quentin’s opinion of her, whilst still having the inner evil which leaks out every now and then. It adds an extra dimension to Laurel which makes her a lot more interesting. Laurel also tries to advise Felicity of the impact doing such a thing will have on her but she doesn’t care much. Felicity has become driven by anger and revenge alone and it’s like she’s working on each of her friends’ weak points for her own gain.
The new Green Arrow features quite heavily this week and I’m dying to know who the hell he is! My bet is still on Roy but I’m always wrong. There was a question mark over his intentions but here he shows he’s one of the good guys after saving Zoe from a fire and helping Dinah and Rene stop some guys who seem intent on setting fire to everything. Dinah is struggling with her place. She believes that she can continue to help the city as captain of SCPD alone and she’s so anti vigilante to restore people’s belief in the police force. Diggle, who really seems to be taking on the Daddy role, manages to convince her that there’s no harm in a happy balance and that Quentin would always accept help from anyone if it benefitted the city.
Lastly, we need to talk about the flash forwards this week!!! Roy and William make it back to Star City but it’s a very different place to what we see in the present day. There’s a reunion with Dinah and a brand new, very familiar canary! There’s been an uprising from The Glades which has resulted in the destruction of the city and the SCPD failing to protect it’s residents. It’s clear where the story is going after William pieces together a rubix cube left by Felicity, revealing a map of the area. This is where the episode ends with the reveal that future Felicity has died …. WHAAAAAAT!!!
A slower episode this week but it gave some good insight into why Felicity, Dinah and Laurel are behaving the way they are. The future Roy and William scenes were brilliant and made the possibility of where the flash forwards will go really exciting.

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