Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep4 – Wet Hot American Bummer Review

Every week I have the great pleasure of writing the review about a great team of Legends who travel across time to save the world. This week we heard of the passing of Marvel’s Stan Lee. Whether it be Marvel or DC, Stan opened the door to creativity and gave us permission to imagine the greatest of heroes. Its because of people like Stan that we have the priviledge and opportuity to be entertained by Marvel and the DC Universe and in the case of this review – Legends of Tomorrow.

On with the review…

Ava and Sara are watching horror films when they come across a film called ‘Swamp Thaaaang’ that was based on the disappearance of kids from a summer camp in 1990s Maine. They soon realise magic is at work. Gideon transports the team and Ava to Camp Ogawa, Maine 1995. The team are undercover as Camp Counsellors in an attempt to save the kids and find the magical creature. It’s in this episode that we see Constantine briefly lose his trademark coat, suit and tie in favour of his ‘first silly costume.’ I wonder if this is a sign of things to come and he will cave going forward. Although Constantine is no ones idea of a counsellor.

The team set about trying to protect the kids but it isn’t long before two kids sneak out and go missing. Ava and Sara are failing to get the trust of the kids with the girls pranking Ava and Ava gaining the nickname of Lake Beast. Constantine really knows how to push Ava’s buttons although I’m sure that his nickname of Sharpie is really a term of endearment. The situation at camp continues to deteriorate when two more kids disappear which calls for drastic measures. Constantine gives Sara and Ava a potion to transform themselves into 12 year olds so they can gain the trust of the girls. It isn’t long before the girls reveal that the two girls went missing on their way to the Midnight Meet Up. Ava and Sara embark on their own meet up to try and find the creature.  Ray and Constantine are on their own hunt and become Magical Detectives. Quickly they learn that the creature gets its energy by feeding off children. For the first time we see Ray and Constantine bond. Even if this bonding is Constantine warning Ray that people like himself and Nora are ‘bloody hell for people as nice as Ray.’

Meanwhile back on the Waverider, Charlie tricks Zari into letting her out of her magical cage but she is soon returned by a determined Mick. Mick and Charlie are soon bonding over their prison and time served stories and it is at this point that the team discover that the creature is in the guise of a good looking guy and is soon idenitifed as camp counsellor Chad. Looks like Charlie is out of the cage for good and has joined the team.

Ray and Constantine soon discover the four missing kids and together they cast a spell to get the kids back to life by taking the energy out of the creature. A young Sara and Ava work together and beat the creature. Ray and Constantine’s celebrations are cut short when it becomes clear that one of the kids hasn’t woken up. Constantine sacrifices himself to save the kid as he couldn’t face losing another and in doing so casts a spell that damns himself further. Gideon confirms that the chances of Constantine surviving is small. It is in this moment that despite his prickly exterior and protests to the contrary that we see that Constantine does actually care and in doing so appears to have given the ulltimate sacrifice. It appears that magic may be his only hope. The episode closes by showing Nora. Will Nora be Constantine’s last hope?

Overall an interesting and fun episode which was made enjoyable by the great writing team behind Legends. It is clear that the whole cast and crew have a brilliant time filming this show and this is definitely translated to screen. In my mind this episode poses a number of questions. Is Constantine’s fate sealed? I really hope not. This character has given a different edge to this season and I don’t want Constantine to leave anytime soon. This is really down to the great portrayal of this hellraiser by Matt Ryan. Nate is being kept busy at the Time Bureau and is still to discover Charlie. We can all imagine how this will go. Nate is bound to feel betrayed that Sara has not told him about Charlie being onboard. What about Ray and Nora? Are they really doomed or will she shake off her darhkness and save Constantine and retain her place in Ray’s heart. Ava and Sara are really cute together so lets hope the magic continues for them? And what about Beebo, this annoying little blue ball of fluff has to reappear soon surely? That’s me over and out Campers, well, until next week.


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