The Flash – S5 Ep5 – All Doll’d Up Review

Cisco is back!!!!!!! But there’s no hanging around as he’s straight in helping Ralph and Sherloque in their continuing mission to find Caitlin’s father. His powers aren’t fully working and although it’s actually causing him pain to use them, he is determined to help his friend too. There’s a really touching scene between Cisco and Caitlin after he goes into a seizure as a consequence of shrapnel from Cicada’s dagger affecting his vibing. He confides in her that he is fearful of not having a place within the team without his meta abilities. Caitlin can easily relate to this with the struggle of having to say goodbye to Killer Frost, but reassures him that it’s not Vibe she needs, it’s her friend Cisco the genius. They follow lead after lead, eventually discovering that Caitlin’s Dad must have been aware of her frosty side having left a clue about Kione the Greek goddess of snow and ice. They begin trying to locate where he is actually hiding.

The relationship between Iris and Nora seems beyond repair, to the point where Nora turns her ear piece off whilst trying to stop a thief so she doesn’t have to hear her Mother’s voice. Iris has become deeply affected by Nora’s resentment towards her. You have to feel sorry for Barry being caught in the middle between the two of them. He asks Nora to concentrate on getting to know her Mum in the present, instead of focusing on what she’s like in the future. It must be really frustrating for Iris to completely understand why Nora dislikes her so much. She really can’t be held responsible for actions she has no awareness of yet. I can only assume that events somewhere in the future have caused her change in persona and to have made the decisions she has.

Troy James gives a fantastic performance as this weeks meta menace, Rag Doll. I must say that Rag Doll proper freaked me out. He’s got a weird contortion, morphing, malleable body-ish ability and looks like a cross between Jigsaw and Micheal Myers. He slithers through air vents and hides in boxes to steal things which will aid him in getting revenge on his cold hearted Mother. Rag Doll ends up kidnapping Barry and taunts him on the edge of a building. Ralph steps up and takes Iris to go and rescue him. Once again, Ralph provides the comic relief this week as we see him use his stretchiness to swing from building to building. Think Spider-Man just with extra long arms and no webs. Iris shows extreme heroism by jumping off the building to save Barry when he’s pushed. Nora catches her in action and can’t hide the admiration she has for what she’s witnessed. Added to the stories Cecile has been telling her about Iris means that Nora cuts her Mother some slack at long last.

An episode with quite a lot of emotion ends on a high with Cisco regaining his mojo and Nora and Iris finally bonding. Happy days (for now)

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