Titans – S1 Ep4 – DOOM Patrol Review

This episode was a fun one! We finally get a whole load of Beast Boy and we are introduced to the DOOM Patrol!

So lots happening, we finally get a origin story for Gar (Beast Boy) albeit brief but I’m sure we’ll get more at a later date this was just to kinda give you a hint as to how he got his powers and why he’s where he is, he basically rescues Rachel and takes her to this massive mansion where he lives with a whole group of misfits who are some of my favourites……The DOOM Patrol!

We are first introduced to Cliff Steele aka Robotman, a race car driver who’s body was destroyed in an accident and his brain transferred into a robot and who is the only character to always be a part of the team! next we have Larry Trainor / Negative Man who is basically radioactive to all around him so wears bandages to protect people from his radioactivity but that also gives him special powers, then Rita Farr /  Elasti-girl who was exposed to volcanic gases and thus can change the shape and size of her body or at least once she gets control of her powers she can! and finally Niles Caulder The Chief, a scientific genius that tries to help people who have been afflicted with these issues, he created Robotmans body, Negative Mans bandages and he gave Gar the serum that saved his life but also turned him into Beast Boy.

Now this is obviously and introduction to the team before they have their own series on the DC Universe and gives you a glimpse into how they work as a team, we’ll get some more additions in that show but for now we have the base of the group and it gives Titans a very different but not unwelcome feel in this ep, it’s a lot more light-hearted in places which is a nice juxtaposition to the darkness we have seen so far, but it doesn’t mean it’s all laughs and jokes, we have some questionable decisions by The Chief when he tries to ‘help’ Rachel that don’t go well for him, we do however see the other side of Rachel where she is able to help and heal things.

The episode finishes with Dick and Kory turning up to get Rachel and Dick actually bringing Rachel back from the brink of darkness which was really cool to see the team beginning to need each other and bond on that level. Lastly Robotman says to Gar should go with them and to go have a life cos he can have more than them, so the Titans are all together!!!! And only in 4 eps which I’m very happy about as I had my concerns, they would eek it out for the whole series, so on the whole things are looking great!!

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