Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep5 – Tagumo Attacks Review

This week’s magical adventure sees the team in 1951 Tokyo to tackle a mysterious creature that was caught on film. However, the team are in a weakened state without their warlock and magical guru Constantine who is slowly dying after giving his life force to save a young camper in the last episode. In order to continue with their mission, the team split up. Ray goes looking for a magical cure for Constantine in the form of Norah while the rest of the team travel to Tokyo to identify the creature and save history.

As they are short staffed Charlie is promoted to active team member with an either help or be caged ultimatum. On arrival the Team meet film maker Ishiro Honda who finally admits to writing his story in a magical journal. The story has started to come true with the appearance of Ishiro’s monster an octopus called Tagumo. Ishiro admits that the story is based on his nightmares and his struggles with remembering his past. Charlie’s knowledge of the journal and what must be done is impressive and shows she will be a valuable asset of the team moving forward. However, Charlie and Zari constantly clash and it is up to Sara to keep the team focused on the job in hand.

Back at the Time Bureau Ava, Nate and Gary are up their eyes in captured magical creatures. Nate and Ava are invited to Nate’s parents for Thanksgiving while Gary is left as the magical supervisor. Cue Mona with dinner for Gary and a host of magical creatures who escape from the Bureau’s containment unit. Nate goes to help while Ava is left with the torture that is Thanksgiving dinner. I’m sure Ava would have preferred the octopus rather than deal with Nate’s family.

Meanwhile Ray has found Norah and has convinced her to go to the Waverider to save Constantine. Norah quickly realises that Constantine needs a magical transfusion. Norah is scared of the ‘constant dark’ and pain that her magic usually brings and is warned by Constantine there is no half measure where magic is concerned. With Ray’s alternative methods and energy generating tech Norah agrees to and manages to save Constantine with a rush of energy. It was almost as if Constantine awoke from death and returned to life. Norah sees the past that haunts Constantine and he is cagey to say the least. I’m so glad Constantine made it and that the writers didn’t drag this out. I’ve become quite partial to Constantine and am enjoying his legend status this year, the team need Constantine and his sarcasm and his filthy looking coat which add an edge to this series. I’m also glad that Norah seems to have turned into the light. This seems to be the case when she turns herself in, instead of taking Ray’s offer to run. Repentance will be her way forward but is this Sayonara. I’m sure this isn’t the last time we will see Norah but will her return break Ray’s heart.

Back in Tokyo Sara with the assistance of Charlie manages to shrink Tagumo but Tagumo isn’t beat yet and starts to attack Ishiro. Enter unlikely hero, Mick who uses his writing skills to rewrite the end of the story by introducing his female heroine who saves the day. Only Mick would write such a heroine. However, it was nice to see how the power of word and the pen could save the day.

In the end Hank gets Ava to admit that Nate is missing from dinner as he is trying to restore order at the Bureau. They arrive just in time to find everything under control, so dinner can resume. Not long after Hank takes a call and initiates Project Hades and shows there is more to Hank than meets the eye.

I enjoyed this episode and I did miss the humour of some of the other episodes. I think the writers did an excellent job in being able to fit this much content into one episode. I really enjoyed the interaction between Ray, Norah and Constantine. Going forward will the conflict between Zari and Charlie escalate? Has Norah really turned a corner or is Ray’s heart doomed? What is Hank up to? Whatever it is it can’t be good? How long will it be before Constantine is honest with the team about the dangers he faces? I cannot end the review without acknowledging the subtle and sensitive way that the episode dealt with Ishiro’s past. I wonder where the magical mystery tour will take us next?????

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