Arrow – S7 Ep5 – The Demon Review

Having convinced Doctor Parker that he’s left Oliver Queen back on level 1 and he’s now simply inmate 4587, Oliver is moved onto phase 2 and given a proper cell. I’m enjoying Oliver being in prison a lot more than I thought I would. Mostly because he’s a total badass and mainly driven by his fear of what Diaz is doing on the outside, just basically doesn’t give a shit. I really feel that the actions scenes have improved greatly and once again in this episode Stephen Amell is incredible.

Talia is revealed as The Demon and at first neither her or Oliver are overly happy to see each other. While we learn how and why she is in contact with Diaz, a quick mention of Gotham was quite exciting – especially as we are getting so close to this year’s crossover episodes. Talia wants Oliver’s help to escape the prison. He eventually comes to a compromise after seeing what Doctor Parker is actually doing to the inmates on level 2 by agreeing to help her if she helps him stop the Doctor.

On the outside, Felicity seems to have picked herself up a bit. That is until she goes to visit Oliver to be told he’s lost visitation rights. She ends up speaking to Stanley who fills her in on what’s been going on. Everyone will probably tell me it’s obvious, but I believe we can’t trust Stanley. There’s something going on there and I’ll be surprised if he’s as innocent as he portrays. Felicity starts working with Laurel and Dinah to expose level 2 and Doctor Parker, as there seems to be no official mention of either. I see people talking about the lack of female friendships in the DC shows so the last few weeks with these three women working together has been really noticeable for me. I like watching their friendship blossom, it’s quite reminiscent of Charlie’s Angels!!!

There’s also a lot going on for Curtis this week as he shows how much his life has been effected by incidents within Team Arrow, and things aren’t looking great for another familiar face right at the end of the episode …

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