The Flash – S5 Ep6 – The Icicle Cometh Review

So far there’s been two main stories working through season 5 – the hunt for Cicada and the hunt for Caitlin’s Dad. Well one of those is about to reach its climax this week (sort of).

Having hacked the satellites, Cisco and Barry have managed to locate Caitlin’s Dad all the way in the North Pole. The two lads take her to find him and lo and behold he’s there, waiting for his daughter to follow his clues. Straight away it’s pretty clear that something isn’t right and Cisco becomes very suspicious of Thomas. They bring him back to Star Labs so they can continue treating him for ALS but following some warnings from Cisco and Barry, Caitlin soon twigs that Daddy isn’t telling the whole truth. He’s been caught between living as a human or a meta and unfortunately the evil has prevailed. It’s not the happy ending Caitlin was hoping for but the way events play out have a positive outcome for her. Backed into a corner, she manages to bring out the Killer Frost once again. The way Danielle Panabaker played this out was brilliant. She wasn’t over emotional or over excitable, but instead perhaps a little more cautious of what’s to come. She’s been desperate to hear Killer Frost’s voice again though and when she does for the first time you find yourself watching on and smiling. There’s sure to be some great moments coming up between the frosty Father and Daughter.

The rest of the team spilt up to check out the possible 46 locations they’ve found where Cicada may have turned meta. There’s some awkward bonding between Iris and Nora and some hilarity between Ralph and Cecile. This episode, for me, was all about Danielle Nicolet. It was great to have her be integral to an episode again and Cecile is such a loveable character, how could you not want her to have more screen time. Season 5 really has worked hard to develop relationships between the members of Team Flash. Each week we’ve seen them team up and work with different members and in turn we’ve had some great results. It’s been really good to see these characters develop deeper understandings of each other. They always call each other family, but it truly feels like they are one.

Cicada has a rollercoaster of a week. He’s back targeting metas but gets injured while trying to kill one with awesome metal spike arms. As you’d expect, at first his wound takes him close to deaths door, but he eventually refuses help from Doctor Ambres as it’s making him stronger. While he might be celebrating this development, the bad news for him though is that Barry and the others have tracked his daughter down.


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