Titans – S1 Ep5 – Together Review

I loved this episode!!! It was very much a getting to know you ep, with the whole team finally together and hanging out in motel trying to lay low from the psycho family, who now have a new dad thanks to the ‘organisation’.

So Dicks theory is they need to stick together to stay alive and they can only be a alliance, we haven’t quite gotten to team yet, if they know what each other can do, so they head to barn to demonstrate their powers, Kory gives us some of her sun powers but does mention she struggles at night, this come back into play later on. Gar transforms into a tiger, we’ve only seen a tiger from him so far so I’m assuming he doesn’t know how to change into anything else yet, also he has to take his clothes off to transform otherwise he rips them, I see this leading to them getting proper costumes soon. Rachel tries to show them what she can do with some trepidation but she cant quite control whats inside her so needs Korys help to control the darkness, they then ask Dick what he can do and he’s still not giving anything away!

At first I thought they were just gonna gives us small hints of Dick and Korys future relationship, but no, they go full on and just straight up sleep with each other! Things are calm for once.

Then everything changes, the psycho family finds them and we are treated to an amazing fight!! Dick and Kory kicking some serious ass, the fight spills outside with Dick being thrown out a window onto a car, Kory tries to protect Gar and Rachel, but her sun powers don’t work so well at night. With the psycho family closing in we get a smoke grenade and Dick appears as Robin!! He starts beating up the psychos and then inspired Gar transforms into a tiger to help, Kory helps and even Rachel seems to have a handle on her powers and helps out too. We then get an awesome shot of the Titans together standing tall, awesome!!!

The Ep ends with the psychos being tied up and questioned but to no avail, but Dick finds a sat nav and figures out where their boss is, he goes to confront him but they are interrupted by guys with guns from the ‘organisation’ who take out the ‘boss’ and try to kill Dick too, until someone beats them down puts his hand out to Dick and says ‘Hi I’m the new Robin’!!

Bring on the next ep, this was so much fun and its great to see the team bonding, looking forward to meeting the new Robin in the next ep and to getting more info about the ‘organisation’, this show just gets better and better!

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