Titans – S1 Ep6 – Jason Todd Review

Now as you can imagine from the title this episode is all about Robin, well……Robins!

We’re starting to really focus on Dick Grayson, his back story with the circus and some of his life with Batman and I am loving it for reasons I will get into shortly. First off let’s talk Jason Todd the second Robin, he’s been sent by Batman to give Dick some info about people from the Hayleys Circus being murdered and just so happened to save Dick from the ‘organisations’ hit at the end of the last ep.

Now if you don’t know about Jason Todd his story is a good one, not sure they’ll show much of it on this show so I’ll give a quick break down, he’s the second Robin after Dick leaves Batman, he’s found by Batman when he tries to steal the hubcaps off the batmobile, Batman trains him but he’s very brash, brutal and almost uncaring due to being neglected and living on the streets, you see some of this in this episode but his story continues way after when the Joker captures him, beats him and actually kills him, being a comic obviously he come back later and becomes the very popular character Red Hood very much an anti-hero angry with Batman for letting him die, I would definitely recommend checking out the animated movie Under The Red Hood to learn more about Jason and Red Hood.

Again, we are treated to a lot of good fight scenes in this ep, this shows does fighting well! Dick is trying to find the last person from Hayleys Circus that hasn’t been killed, then protect him from the killer who turns out to be the son of the guy who murdered Dicks parents, it’s all very meta!

This episode is very much Dick trying to leave the mantle of Robin behind, many times saying he’s not Robin anymore, this makes me excited as a huge Nightwing fan I’m hoping we get the transition to his own hero this season, even just right at the end of the last Ep would be good enough for me!

We’re starting to get more DC stuff in the show, more Gotham, the Marconi family, a mention of two face and we even get a sneak peak at the batmobile which albeit brief looked awesome like a cross between the animated series and the Adam West versions, very cool

Only 4 eps left in series!! What’s next I wonder?

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