Arrow – S7 Ep6 – Due Process Review

Season six has had a really strong start! And  episode 6 continued that trend seamlessly!

We begin the episode with Anatoly being threatened by Mr Diaz- old friends become enemies… but I prefer the bromance between Oliver and Anatoly way more! I enjoyed Anatoly’s role in this episode! Diaz wants to use Anatoly to “Help destroy Oliver Queen”… I hope Diaz gets tired of that soon, he is beginning to remind me of the short Rat in pinky and the brain, but replace taking over the world with destroy Oliver Queen!

Back in Slabside- Suspicious Stan is still creeping around Oliver and updating him about Brick being treated like a proper prisoner now, when a guard rudely interrupts to advise him he has a visitor! Que black siren/Un-Laurel showing up playing lawyer. I say that sarcastically but I actually love the role Laurel is playing in this season- she advises Ollie that she is appealing his conviction, because of the Level two fiasco- with the help of Felicity. Ollie is shocked by this revelation- because as far as he knows, Felicity and Un-Laurel aren’t BFF’s… I’m loving the Lauricity pairing. It’s the friendship I never knew the show needed but the two characters bounce off each other really well! However, Oliver reminds Un-Laurel that she is the reason that Diaz got away, and advises her to stay away from his family, and that she is not his Laurel! Which is fair enough, but I’m enjoying her struggle with being good. And I admire her success at it. Katie Cassidy is doing an exceptional job with that role!

Later in the episode Lauricity have a meeting about Mission save Oliver, which is interrupted by a beep advising that the longbow hunters are up to something in a creepy location, where they meet with wild dog and introduce him to their new friendship before barging into a building and opening a box thinking they will find the silencer, however they find our friend Anatoly gift-wrapped with a bomb. Argus and SCPD rushes in at this point, before they all run out and the building blows up behind them! Not a scratch on any of them thankfully! Except Anatoly, who was mildly tortured by Diaz!

Diggle confronts Felicity about being in the middle of his mission and being friends with un-Laurel. It comes out that everyone is doing stuff the others don’t agree with- like Felicity and Dinah working with un-Laurel, Wild Dog working with Un-Green Arrow, and “Team Felicity” kidnapping and almost torturing the silencer, Curtis declares they have communication issues and feels like it’s an appropriate time to bring up his birthday being forgotten about. I disagree with Curtis on this. I feel it was a super inappropriate time to mention that point!

They all agree to work together without Un-Laurel, which is unfair considering she is doing all she can to help- her BFF convinces her to please continue helping Oliver while she gets Diaz with the others, and Un-Laurel agrees.

Anatoly gives all the Diaz insider info he has to the team. Anatoly is reserved in wanting to help the team catch Diaz- he wants to just go and relax on an island, the Bratva clearly doesn’t have a good pension plan when you get fired. A new dark felicity makes an “Enthusiastic suggestion” that forces Anatoly to help them in their mission to catch a dragon. Anatoly points out that Felicity has changed and felicity reminds him that the old felicity never caught any dragons! So Anatoly visits an old friend to download a hard drive that will help them locate Diaz. Anatoly is clearly in trouble and very close to getting caught and Felicity refuses to send back up in- Diggle eventually sends in the troops to retrieve Anatoly and the information, but Anatoly gets injured before he is saved. And that my friends, is where we begin to see Darth Felicity- the one who cared less about Anatoly’s life than the mission. Thank god Dig saved Anatoly. I would have shed tears if he died!

Diggle confronts Felicity for the second time in the episode about her decisions in the field and who she is becoming. Felicity is willing to do whatever it takes to end this- Diggle reminds her that he has been in real war and he doesn’t want her losing herself over finding Diaz.

Later they discover that Diaz has access to some hardcore bombs. Before going out to stop Diaz Felicity visits Anatoly and has a nice chat with him about her new attitude. Anatoly gives some really bad advice to her- to embrace the Demons and have no more half measures. Maybe Anatoly is to blame for future Darth Felicity! Hopefully we won’t get there though- but I’m really enjoying her having a cold side. Not that she didn’t have a cold side anyways- this is the girl who used her first steps after a miracle to walk out on her fiancé- so there has definitely been cold moments for Felicity- but I enjoy the fact that there is an actual story focusing on her struggle with good vs bad- especially when paralleled with Laurels transition from bad to good. Emily is nailing the role! Anatoly tells her that old Bratva Ollie would have killed Diaz without giving thought to the cost.- which gives Felicity an idea to where Diaz is, and the bombs! The team find the bombs and attempt to deactivate them manually at the exact same time. They realise that Diaz had a backup detonator on his phone so in an attempt to retrieve it, the team take down Diaz with the help of Fake Green Arrow. They disarm the bombs, save the city and capture the dragon!!!!!

Flash forward and William can’t believe that Felicity is dead! (I don’t neither… I’m to familiar with resurrections in this show, if there is no body, there is no death! That’s my motto!) old Dinah tells William that Felicity isn’t the same one he knew and loved, but he is still motivated to continue the mission his step-mother sent him on, regardless of who she was before she apparently died. William and Zoe do some bonding while Roy and Dinah catch up. Roy tells Dinah that the note in Oliver’s bow was “The Mark of Four”- and as someone who doesn’t read the comics I’m stumped by what this means but it sounds pretty serious to me! Dinah has some doubts about William because he is Oliver’s son and she hasn’t seen him for years, so I can’t help but question what happened in the past/future that made Felicity so dark and Oliver seemingly untrustworthy?! So many questions!! When they find a room that threatens to kill them Roy has to use his super archery skills to unarm the explosion which was a welcome and exceptional callback to season one- back when Oliver used to throw tennis balls at the wall and shoot them. When the bomb is de-activated they discover a plan that Felicity had access to that reveals itself to be some kind of plot to level Star city. William insists that Felicity would not have come up with this plan and convinces team future to continue their mission to find whatever Darth Dead Felicity of the Future wants to lead them to. They discover her final call was to someone called Black Star.

Back in Slabside Suspicious Stan is taken to the hole for killing a guard- and Stan shouts he thinks it was Brick, so- naturally, Oliver approaches Brick and asks what he knows about the death of the guard, and Brick denies all knowledge. Oliver threatens that he will find out what happened. Brick Doesn’t realise how good an enemy Oliver can be! Oliver causes a scene and goes to chat with Stan who has been beaten by the guards- and Stan cry’s about the whole killing an officer situation- he seems to have an awful lot of intel for an innocent man- and his intel leads Oliver right to the murder weapon- Bronze Tiger’s knife. Oliver turns over Turner and gets Slimy Stan out of the hole- Turner shouts that they have the wrong guy and call me naive but I believe him! I think Stan is the man. He is fishier than a salmon in my opinion!

In court Un-Laurel fiercely fights for Oliver’s freedom because of how abused he has been in prison and their neglect of prisoners. She states that it’s hard to be a hero when nobody expects you to be, and this passionate speech is witnessed by Dinah- the appeal is lost but I feel her speech won Dinah over- it seems the leopard really is changing her spots! Later Laurel is clearly planning on attacking the judge who declined her and Dinah steps in and stops her by telling her that she is beginning to believe she has changed, and tells her to take her own advice and be a hero when nobody expects it.

Laurel visits Oliver and tells him she lost the case but they will be investigating the prisoner abuse because of what she did. Oliver thanks her. Laurel tells Ollie that she has good and bad inside her and she is not his Laurel, but she isn’t exclusively bad neither. After catching Diaz, Felicity gives Anatoly all he needs to escape to the Maldives- so I hope we see him again in the future- and she calls Laurel to tell her they caught Diaz. Felicity then visits Diaz and tells him she will kill him- she seems pretty serious about it, the cameras are off and the gun is out and she seems very prepared to shoot- especially since Diaz is antagonising her- but as she is about to do it- Un-Laurel bursts in to save the day. She says that she is arranging a trade of Diaz for Oliver- if Ollie helps the feds with their case against Diaz, he can walk free! Awesome work Laurel!

The episode ends in Slabside with Oliver questioning Slimy Stan on how he knew the blade that killed the officer was turners- Stan says he must have heard it somewhere but Oliver seems onto Stan being suspicious! Finally!

Really strong episode this week, love the Lauricity friendship, really glad Ollie is onto Stan not being a friendly and I can’t wait for next week- Slabside redemption- highly anticipated!

Once again, sorry about the length! I can’t help myself!

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