The Flash – S5 Ep7 – O Come, All Ye Faithful Review

Oh come, all ye faithful to celebrate Thanksgiving with Team Flash, who are a little lacking on the joyful this week, thanks to Sherloque, but are always sure to be triumphant (yeah I think I’m hilarious).

Thanksgiving is all about family and being thankful for what we have and that theme is fluent throughout the episode. Sherloque quenches the initial excitement about the festivities by pointing out that he has nothing to be thankful for, as well as how crappy Cisco and Caitlin’s lives have been recently. He does give us a fantastic one liner though when he insults Cisco by calling him a young Ralph Maccio. She’s resolved her issues with Iris, but Nora has a few she needs to address with Barry. She freaks out after bringing him back to life following an incident in the line of duty and pleads with him to give up being The Flash to prevent the risk of him disappearing on her again. Hearing Iris talk about the amount she worries about possible consequences of Barry’s crime fighting only heightens Nora’s emotions and she finds his actions selfish.

There’s more insight to Cicada who is also freaking out due to seeing Barry show up at the hospital looking for Grace. Flashbacks show that his sister’s death resulted in him gaining custody of Grace. At first they struggle to bond and he clearly isn’t prepared for any responsibility. We see their relationship develop up to the point of them being struck by the enlightenment. We like layers and Cicada definitely has them. Behind the villain there’s a beaten down man who is vengeful for the harm inflicted on the people closest to him. Unfortunately this means all metas must pay the price. Something else I really like about this season is that we are seeing the consequences of The Thinker’s actions. Mostly with each new season we move onto a new story as everything has been made right again. It’s been interesting to see that even though the enlightenment barely took off, it still had extreme effects and created a whole new problem. Clifford DeVoe would be very proud.

The team face their first encounter with meta tech since discovering it’s even a thing. Weather Witch arrives in Central City looking for revenge on her father, who happens to be imprisoned in Iron Heights. This in turn becomes a problem for Barry and the others as she rampages through the city causing havoc.

Some great story development this week which sets up the show for some very exciting upcoming episodes.

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