Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep7 – Hell No, Dolly Review

The penultimate episode prior to the mid-season finale has more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at or as in Constantine’s case a cigarette. Right off the bat Constantine is having flashbacks. However, Constantine is soon pulled back to help the rest of the legends deal with a serial killer in New Orleans in 1856. Sara, Ray (with a terrible moustache to impress Norah), Ava and Mick go looking for the first victim while Zari, Charlie and Constantine go looking for the magical creature. Constantine is soon abducted off the street and interrogated by a woman later identified as Priestess Laveau. It turns out that the subject of Constantine’s flashbacks is a guy named Des, who is the love of Constantine’s life. Des gave Constantine a medallion to protect him and Des was in fact Laveau’s great great grandson. Zari and Charlie are soon searching for Constantine and arrive to save him. At this point Constantine promises to save Des even though this would mean changing time. It soon becomes clear that Constantine was being pursued by a demon called Neron who used Des to get to Constantine. Des bargained away his soul to save Constantine and in doing so Des became linked to Neron and when Constantine sent Neron to hell Des was also damned to the same fate. Zari promises to search for a loophole to help save Des. It is for the first time that we discover Constantine’s real reason for joining the Legends and the guilt he is time travelling to run away from. The guilt from the choices that are made and disappointment of things that cannot be are all too real to Constantine and become overwhelming.

Back in 2018, Mona is having a bad day after being knocked off her bike and Nate mistakenly encourages her to reveal the feelings, she is having for someone. Nate thinks she is referring to Gary when in fact she is referring to Konane the Kaupe. Poor Gary more disappointment in store.

Meanwhile Sara, Ray and Mick discover that the serial killer is a spirit that has used a doll as its vessel. The idea of a possessed doll is a bit creepy, but the doll is no match for Mick’s heat gun and the team are soon celebrating defeating the creature. This celebration is short lived as Ava and Mick are at loggerheads and Sara is trying to get them to bond as Ava is the love of her life and Mick is family. This is a really sweet idea but when Mick calls Ava a clone it’s one step too far. At the same time the waverider has become home to the spirit who has left the doll and is looking for a new vessel. The spirit finds a puppet of Stein and begins to attack Ava. Ava is eventually helped by Mick. Sara, Mick, Ava and Ray try to clip the puppets strings and get control.

At the Time Bureau Mona has just told Konane how she feels when he warns her to hide. Two unidentified men enter his cell and take him away. Mona tries to stop them and gets hurt in the process.

The episode reverts to Constantine who is still desperate to change history and enlists the help of Charlie with a promise of restoring her shape shifting ways. They try to stop Constantine and Des from meeting and eventually Constantine enters the timeline and breaks up with Des. The medallion vanishing is a sign of his success. At this moment all of time goes into flux – Charlie gets her powers back while Ava, Sara, Ray, Mick and Mona all appear to be frozen in time while Zari appears to have been replaced by a cat. The episode ends on this cliff-hanger with time and the fate of the team hanging by a thread. Constantine what have you done?

So, we have one episode remaining before the mid-season finale and there are a number of key questions. It would seem obvious that the men taking Konane are part of Project Haetaes and they are working for Hank. What exactly are they getting these creatures to do?  Will Constantine really believe that saving Des was worth the ripple effects that it will cause? Will the fate of time and the fate of tomorrow fall to Charlie? Will she sacrifice the life she wanted to save the team and the world? How will Charlie and Constantine restore time? Will this blip in time actually help to save Mona who was hurt during her altercation with the men!  Let’s hope the blip will result in Ray’s moustache disappearing for good – one can only hope. In terms of the episode the whole puppet thing is a bit strange to me, but the Legends never face normal evil, so it does fit. I do miss the humour of the earlier episodes, but we are getting into the grit of the main story of the season so this needs to take a backseat. Also, I guess we all have moments that we wish we could revisit or avoid altogether but we don’t have a waverider, so our fates are sealed with no puppets involved. What is written is that the cliff-hanger at the end is just that – the next episode could really go either way but let’s just hope the Legends haven’t used up all of their nine lives. Till next week.

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