The Flash – S5 Ep8 – What’s Past Is Prologue Review

A special episode this week as it’s the 100th episode of The Flash and just to add to the celebrations, it’s directed by Tom Cavanagh! As we know, 100 episodes of any tv show is quite a triumph so how did the fastest man on Earth celebrate this big achievement? With time travel of course!!!

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place now and Team Flash have gathered enough information on Cicada to know what makes him tick. They just need to find a way to separate him from his dagger. As Barry, Cisco and the others discuss how they would need to use certain items they have previously come into contact with in order to make a powerful magnet, Nora suggests they travel back in time to collect what they need. Barry takes Nora back to three points in time where they collect a part of Savitar’s suit, the speed force transmitter and dark matter which leaked from the particle accelerator.

This episode was very much a Tom Cavanagh episode. I’m not cynical enough to suggest this is due to his director role … he’s been a major part of each season in whatever form of Wells he’s portrayed. The best part of the episode for me was when Barry came face to face with the OG Harrison Wells/ Eobard Thawne. I’d forgotten just how sinister he was and in turn it made me realise just how brilliantly well Tom Cavanagh plays each incarnation of the character. It’s quite a skill to play the same character over and over but in a way where the viewer can pick up which version it is just from a look he pulls or a phrase he uses. It was also great to see Teddy Sears return as Zoom, some flashbacks gave us some reminders of Robbie Amell, Victor Garber and John Wesley Shipp and a little brief glimpse of Grodd was quite fun too.

An eventual showdown with Cicada revealed some information that I kicked myself for not thinking of. Killer Frost (who made another much welcome return) is immune to his dagger due to not being made up of dark matter. This is huge! Killer Frost is the key to bringing Cicada to his knees, which will be very interesting to see played out. He’s already spooked after his first encounter with her and for the first time maybe The Flash isn’t going to be the ultimate hero this season.

Sherloque’s suspicions over Nora grow this week too. He steals the diary she’s been writing in and discovers that she’s been writing in a secret code which she claims to have made up. Perhaps Nora isn’t all she’s claiming to be after it’s revealed that she’s been giving her diary to Gideon to share with someone else. We see her travel in time to 2049 and meet Eobard Thawne to have a much needed chat. Very interesting!!! Let’s not jump to conclusions though, there could be a very reasonable explanation. I must also mention the really nice scene where Nora challenges Barry to a race after taunting him by calling him an old man. Not that the episode was especially heavy, but it was important to have that light hearted moment even if it was short. Something people love about The Flash is it’s comedy and moments like that are integral to its success.

I think this was a great way to celebrate 100 episodes of The Flash. We got to relive key moments from the past and experience Barry and the speed force again. What was really nice with the ending was having the past playing a part of the future, making the Nora storyline even more enjoyable. Elseworlds is set up very nicely right at the end and we have the scene which has played at the end of Supergirl and Arrow this week with Mr John Wesley Shipp on Earth-90 in the freaking original 90s Flash costume.

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