The Flash – S5 Ep9 – Elseworlds Part 1 Review

Crisis on Earth-X was quite simply phenomenal television. All the trailers, posters and teasers from the cast for Elseworlds have looked set to top last year’s crossover, if that’s even possible. After watching part 1 I tweeted that my brain exploded, it was amazing. Actually the word amazing doesn’t even cover it. It’s total and utter geek heaven!!!

Last week we caught a glimpse of John Wesley Shipp’s version of The Flash on Earth-90 in a bit of bother at the hands of The Monitor. This mysterious being has made his way to Earth-1 to pass on a book to Doctor John Deegan who now has the fate of the universe in his hands. Whatever he’s done has caused freaky Friday-esque consequences for Barry and Oliver who have swapped bodies and are living each other’s lives.

Each crossover has had some special moments between Oliver and Barry, which has always been great to have. This first episode of Elseworlds has them both as the central characters and the on screen chemistry between Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin is pure magical perfection. They are the only two who know that something has changed and watching them both trying to use each other’s abilities is hilarious. Even though Oliver naturally assumes Barry has messed with the timeline again, he totally appears to have the exact same reaction any one of us would if we became a speedster. I laughed out loud as he mutters ‘you have failed this city’ as The Flash – he just has no idea how to be anyone but himself. While this is happening Barry can’t wipe the smile off his face while he’s toying with his heightened strength and combat techniques. He takes a lot of joy in flooring Diggle. The differences between the two become really clear. Barry is light hearted, Oliver is more focused and again I couldn’t help but laugh as the amount of PDA Oliver experiences at Star Labs has him running to Star City to find Barry.

Barry follows a hunch taking him and Oliver to see Kara on Earth-38 for help. This scene was immense. We were taken to Kara who is with Clark and Lois Lane on the actual flipping Kent farm with the bloody theme tune to Smallville playing in the background. We’ve only seen brief moments of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman but after this episode I’m stanning his version. Elizabeth Tulloch was also very impressive on her first outing as Lois Lane. On the farm there’s yet more magic between Oliver and Barry as they both try to teach the other to use their skills.

Back in Central City there’s lots going on which keeps Team Flash busy. A robot called Amazo is on the up and has the ability to scan for meta humans and copy their abilities. Cisco is trying to work out what the hell is going on as he keeps having strange vibes of The Monitor who is telling him that nothing they can do will change what is going to happen. It’s the threat of Amazo which brings Barry, Oliver, Kara and Clark to Earth-1 as it takes all of their power and brain power to stop him before he causes complete chaos. While Barry, Oliver and Kara can be seen as the lead cast, this episode would have not been half as enjoyable without Iris, Cisco, Caitlin, Ralph and Sherloque. Their interactions, impeccably placed comments and comedy completely enhanced the episode and after celebrating their 100th episode last week, they just show what a strong cast they are.As you think that they couldn’t possibly add in any further excitement into part 1, the episode ends with Oliver preparing to go to Gotham City!

With a glimpse of Barry enjoying the harshness of being The Green Arrow a little too much and Oliver seemingly enjoying being more light hearted and care free, could this lead to having more long term effects on their future selves? Iris sure seems worried!

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