Arrow – S7 Ep9 – Elseworlds Part 2 Review

Before I even begin reviewing the second hour of Elseworlds, I just want to say that this crossover has been my favourite so far. The typical comic book green arrow humour has come out as the Arrow became the Flash and I love it! It’s been so funny!

The opening to this episode alone was epic- they took the time to have Barry do all the prison scenes so he could literally be Oliver Queen! It was epic!

First surprise is Slade Wilson’s son, Joe- showing up to fight Argus- DRESSED AS DEATHSTROKE! and our superheroes show up and defeat him, effortlessly, and then back at Argus, they explain the whole Freaky Friday situation to Diggle and Curtis- and ask them to help! Diggles ongoing confusion in crossovers is incredible! Felicity shows up and comments on “Olicitys” problems in paradise, and the heroes decide not to share the swapsies situation with her, because their relationship is strained enough because of the issues with Felicity’s personality change last week!

Our heroes head to Gotham! GOTHAM! Where Barry comments on Batman- and Oliver very hilariously comments that Batman is an urban legend concocted by the Gotham police to scare criminals- then angrily declares “I’m the original vigilante Barry!”… which was brilliant!

When they get to Gotham, the trio arrive on a building where the bat signal is located… much to Barry’s excitement, and Oliver’s frustration! Stephen and Grant have exceptional chemistry in these crossovers, the back and forth between them during this episode was golden, and I love that their friendship off screen is so evident in their scenes together!

On the streets of Gotham- Oliver, Barry and Kara are stopped by Gotham police who try to take their belongings… Barry goes all “Green Arrow” after Oliver tries to diffuse the situation and beats up the cops with his newly discovered combat skills!- The three are arrested and imprisoned. After being bailed out by a mystery ally, they are collected from prison and chauffeured to Bruce Wayne’s building where we discover that Bruce Wayne left Gotham three years ago! I think it’s forking incredible that the show makes references to BATMAN! he is bound to show up in the Arrowverse eventually and I’ll be here patiently waiting!

In the building we are introduced to our newest hero- Kate Kane- who says Bruce hasn’t been seen in years- to which Barry responds that he would NEVER compare himself to a total badass like Batman- as Oliver insists quietly with a seething glare towards Barry that Batman is a myth! Which again made me giggle- real Oliver’s lack of belief in Batman is amazing. And once again- I can’t wait for them to one day come face to face!

Oliver asks Kate who she is and why she is helping. And Ruby Rose iconically declares “Its Kane… Kate Kane”. I love her already! She tells the trio to use the building to work from if they want, and the WiFi password is Alfred! I LOVE that Easter egg better than I love Cadbury’s Easter eggs! Oliver admits that he… the Flash, stole some data from the Police that may help them! And he used his long-lost-since- episode-one computer skills to hack a pen drive that reveals John Deegan, a suspected mad man seems to be the guy they need to locate!

Kara has a heart to heart with Kate and we see a foundation of a friendship I hope will continue when we finally get our show about Kate Kane! And Kate reveals that the guy they are looking for is at Arkham asylum! And that’s where the fun begins! Kate Suits up and we see Batwoman in all her glory!

Back at Argus, Cisco and Caitlin show up to help Felicity and Curtis and reveal to Felicity that the body swap happened! Bit awkward, but she was bound to find out eventually! Cisco lets slip that Iris figured out something was off based on “Lovers intuition”, which clearly hits a nerve with Felicity and she admits to the team that her relationship is strained because she and Oliver have become different people. Caitlin offers Felicity some support by explaining that Oliver probably didn’t want to tell her the situation because of how Iris reacted. Caitlin reminds Felicity not to give up on love.

Felicity discovers a way to reach the reason behind all the mystery lightening that’s appeared in starling city, and they discover its old school 90’s John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen!!!! And he tells them to get the book, which they pass onto the heroes!

Oliver, Barry, Kara, and Caitlin break into Arkham asylum which has more Easter eggs than a chocolate factory in April! Examples include a cell for Nora Fries, and another for M Guggenheim! Oliver and Diggle confront John Deegan, who admits to being responsible for the swapsies! But refuses to change the reality back to normal, Deegan escapes by releasing all prisoners from their cells, catalysing some epic combat scenes in the Asylum.

Caitlin comes face to face with Nora Fries, Mr Freeze’s wife, who is played fantastically by Cassandra Amell, Stephen Amell’s wife, and though her role in this crossover is brief, I’m hoping her escaping Caitlin sets her up to be a villain of some sort when Batwoman gets her own show! I thought her small part was really good, and I already want to see more of the character!

Kara manages to retrieve the book from the crazy psychiatrist! Meanwhile, as Oliver attempts to blast Nora with lightening he releases some gas that causes Oliver and Barry to hallucinate their greatest nemeses, so as fake Barry battles with Reverse Flash, fake Oliver struggles with Malcom Merlyn where in reality they are battling with each other! Whilst doing so they are battling each others personal demons and realising that they have both underestimated each other’s past issues.

Batwoman shows up and snaps the two out of their hallucination battle, and tells them to leave the city. Kara wishes Batgirl luck and they shake hands beginning what I feel will be a super friendship!

Back at Argus, Oliver and Barry admit to each other that they didn’t really realise how bad the other had it, Barry didn’t realise how much Oliver had been through, and Oliver realises that Barry is stronger and more resilient than he realised. Barry advises Oliver to work things out with Felicity which causes him to go and tell her that though they may change, the thing that will never change is that she is the love of his life. They kiss and make up and get rudely interrupted by Alternative Flash from earth 90 who makes a cool reference about Diggle being a superhero on his earth and warns them about “The Monitor” who is the bad guy who gave the book of destiny to the mad psychiatrist to change reality and test their earth!

The four heroes iconically walk towards the Monitor guy to face off with him! He dismisses 90’s Flash into a puff of smoke! The Monitor warns the team that something worse than him is coming and he is testing to see what heroes on what earth can defeat him. He summons the book from Argus with another puff of smoke and heads back to see Deegan. He hands him the book back to meddle with reality again.

The episode ends with Barry and Oliver dressed like some bad punk band- and they are bad guys called the “Trigger Twins”. they have no powers, and are caught by the cops- Malcolm Merlyn and Ricardo Diaz. Oliver and Barry escape to be confronted by a dark version of Superman!

What an explosive episode! I’m genuinely blown away by it.

Love Ruby as Kate Kane and I pray that Oliver adopts a bit of Barry’s humour permanently! It’s been so refreshing seeing Stephen Amell play some comedy parts. He has done a fantastic job with his character during this crossover! I can’t wait to see part three!!

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