Supergirl – S4 Ep9 – Elseworlds Part 3 Review

At the end of Arrow, Deegan had once again re-written reality so Barry and Oliver have now become The Trigger Twins. Wanted by the law this was not the only change. Deegan had made himself into Superman with Caitlin and Diggle under his control. Cara was imprisoned in the pipeline and it looked like all hope was lost.

Oliver realises that the only way to save their earth is to get Cisco to vibe them to Earth 38 so Clark can help fight Deegan. In their attempt to find Cisco they come face to face with the Monitor who tells them that their test is knowing their true selves and this will be the only way to save their earth. Back in search for Cisco they realise that all that was good before is now bad. Oliver and Barry go to Cisco’s or I should say Mr Ramone’s bar and come face to face with Gary who says they are his heroes, his legends. This was a fantastic reference to LOT who really should have featured in this crossover. Gary will always be Gary regardless of the reality. Mr Ramone is the lead of a criminal enterprise and is only interested in taking down Deegan.

Meanwhile in the pipeline Cara is trying to convince this earth’s Alex that Deegan is doing wrong and that her Alex would always challenge and do what’s right. Alex and Cara rush to stop Deegan and it looks like they will be defeated when Clark, Barry, Oliver and Cisco arrive to save them. Barry, Cara and Alex go and find the book but only Clark can rewrite reality. Clark restores reality and it was so amazing to see Oliver and Barry back to normal and sporting their own suits. Just as everything appears to be restored Deegan who is still in the guise of Superman grabs Barry by the throat. Barry convinces Oliver not to kill Deegan and he gets away with the book and starts to alter reality again. Barry and Cara realise that the ony way to stop Deegan is to slow time so Clark can get the book, Clark tries to stop them as the Book of Destiny said that both Cara and Barry die whilst trying to stop Deegan. Like true heroes they carry on regardless.

Oliver goes to see The Monitor to convince them that Cara and Barry are the goodness that inspires hope and are the best of us. If The Monitor is seeking a test then why let them die. Cara and Barry look as though they will perish but The Monitor states that in order to re-write their destiny balance must be restored and such a change requires order. Meanwhile Clark is still fighting Deegan and Lois arrives with help from Earth 38. Just as Lois is about to get hurt, time……slows…….down and only returns to normal just as Oliver appears and shoots Deegan with a kryptonite arrow. Clark saves Lois and all appears to be well. Cara and Barry survive so The Monitor did alter their destiny but at what cost? The balance he spoke of and the need for order? What did Oliver agree to restore this order and balance? Has he sacrificed himself again without consulting Felicity? This cannot be good!

Cara, Clark, Lois et al return to Earth 38 and Clark and Lois announce that they are going to be parents and that Clark will be hanging up his cape for a while. A very cute moment when Clark creates a diamond from the ash and proposes. Who wouldn’t want such a superhero proposal?

Meanwhile Barry and Oliver are having drinks and because of the bodyswap they see how much goodness each of them have as well as the challenges they face within themselves. Barry realises that Oliver went to The Monitor to change destiny and instead of a hug Oliver proposes a toast to appreciate what you have for however long you may have it. A cryptic toast that really opens the question of what The Monitor had in exchange for rewriting destiny.

The episode concludes with Kate Kane calling Oliver to confirm that Deegan has a new friend and what problems is this likely to cause.

The episode ends with a tease of what is to come next year = Crisis on Infinite Earths. This will be the great threat that The Monitor spoke of and clearly the theme for next years crossover. Whatever the crisis i really hope that it doesn’t lead to the end for one of our heroes. Such a great crossover event. I didn’t think that Crisis on Earth X could be matched but the writers and cast did a brilliant job and every year they push that envelope a bit further. Whatever crisis is instore I’m sure they got it – they are the only earth to survive The Monitor’s test so anything is possible.

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