Titans – S1 Ep9 – Hank & Dawn Review

Ok well, this episode was not what I expected at all!! After the end of last episode I expected things to pick up from where they left off instead things jump back in time to a young Hank and his brother Don.

This episode is the birth of the original Hawk and Dove which was very cool to see as I kinda assumed they were just going with the second incarnation with Hank and Dawn, this episode deals with a lot of issues including PCS, grief and abuse, its all done very well and in a very real way and it uses these themes to show how ordinary people could be driven to vigilantism by what they have been through and what drives them to do what they do and in a more real way than on say Arrow (I love Arrow by the way but this show is dealing with things that are much darker!) I’ve said in other reviews that this series is dark but this episode just by the nature of the themes is possibly the darkest yet.

The rest of the Titans aren’t forgotten about completely though throughout  the episode we are given glimpses of Rachel calling out to Hank for help, in mirrors and reflections, but as these is a flashback episode its actually done in a very clever way as the flashbacks are seen as memories in the minds of Hank and Dawn while they are still in hospital from the last time we saw them. Dawn is still unconscious and Hank is passed out from taking pain killers

This episode is a great origin ep and while I was chomping at the bit when it first started to get back to the Titans and what was going on there, I found myself pulled into the story and totally forgot about everything else, which to me shows how well this show is written, I was invested in this episode and has made me want to see more from Hawk and Dove, i really liked seeing Don and seeing how Hawk and Dove came to be, both incarnations!

The last thing we got was Dawn waking up after a vision of Rachel and telling Hank that they need to find Jason Todd, things are about to kick off!!!

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