Constantine – S1 Ep1 – Non Est Asylum Review

Ok so before I start I will say that the Constantine TV series is always something I’ve always just put off watching, The reason for this is that 1 I’m a fan of the books, particularly the Jamie Delano run from the late 80’s early 90’s.

Secondly, it was cancelled after 13 episodes. So I was hesitant to delve in just in case it was like my next reason for putting it off.

Third, The Keanu Reeves film! Really, Keanu Reeves the American Surfer dude playing a working class Scouser was never going to end well.

So anyway, I decided to settle on the couch, Turn GTA off and give it a go( I think the beer gave me the courage).

Well well well, what can I say. Well done WB. Seriously why the he’ll has no one told me how good this is( truth be told, people had I just thought I knew better)

As far as pilot episodes go this is a winner, it’s hard to get Constantine right as a character as he is pretty much a product of his time( 80’s) when smoking was deemed cool. Yet here we are, Matt Ryan just knocks it out of the park, the look, the attitude, the beer drinking and yes the smoking( What can i say, I’m an 80s kid all the cool kids smoked). my only niggle is the accent Constantine is Scouse, Matt Ryan is welsh. He does his best but at times it kind of meets in the middle and can be jarring.

Now to the episode, it does an amazing job of getting you set I  the world of the Hellblazer and establishing his character, he is like han solo of the exorcism world. He’s a loner, arrogant, cold, self serving and at times not very nice, not because he wants to be but because he has to be.

We are introduced to a couple of characters that will surely be recurring through out the series Manny, an angel that has been charged with watxhingnover John and warning him of what’s to come. And also taxi driver Chas John’s best friend( well only person the world that doesn’t hate him) also Chas was for some reason played by a you Shia Lebouf in the Keanu film.. yeah go figure!

The episode moves at a quick pace, introducing demons, angels, hell the after life and doing it all well, there is also a few plot lines dropped through out this episode, one worth noting is the young girl Astra and the events of Newcastle (a massive story in the comics and bloody good)

All in all I really did enjoy this, a very solid episode. And I’m really excited by where this goes (fingers crossed for newcastle)