The Flash – S5 Ep10 – The Spin Review

And we’re back in Central City following a mid season break, after that huge Elseworlds crossover spectacle. We’re thrown straight back to where we left off, with Nora meeting Eobard Thawne in 2049. Their dealings are perhaps a little less sinister than we all thought as it’s revealed that he in fact helped her travel back in time to meet her parents. However, their friendship seems in jeopardy seeing as she’s now pissed at him for killing her Grandparents in front of Barry and refuses to help him anymore as she can’t trust him.

In the present day, Barry finds himself in a spot of bother when trying to stop newcomer, Silver Ghost, who has stolen a car using meta tech which allows her to control anything with an engine. She exposes him to unstable dark matter which results in him being out of action for 24 hours and locked up in one of the power dampener cells at Star Labs. With The Flash out the picture, Silver Ghost is on the search for Weather Witch who is busy facing up to her recent meta crimes, so they can break in to ARGUS and steal some tech.

I think we can all agree that Nora likes to jump in speed first without considering the consequences. She learns another important lesson this week from Weather Witch, that sometimes people can change! Barry gives her a speech using Leonard Snart as an example of this which I really liked! He did die a hero with the Legends and it’s nice to hear that’s how he’s thought of on the show.

Cisco makes a huge discovery this week. After having Cicada’s dagger shards removed from his hands by Caitlin, he realises that they were taking away his abilities. He also realises that he enjoyed just being Cisco Ramon and no longer wants to be a meta. This opens the show up to a whole new element as (as far as I can think) we haven’t really seen anyone from the Arrowverse have these feelings towards having abilities. Please correct me if I’m wrong!!!! Killer Frost ends his research before it really gets off the ground but Caitlin gives him a lifeline. They both have conflicting views over him developing a way to remove meta abilities, but the strength of their friendship means that Caitlin agrees to help him.

Nora goes back to Eobard Thawne at the end of the episode who is seemingly living a very limited remainder of life against a ticking clock. She agrees to letting him prove that he’s changed … what the hell is going on??? Yeah maybe the lesson she used this week shouldn’t be applied to him! She really does need to watch her back though because Sherloque is hot on her heels and isn’t letting his suspicions rest.

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