Supergirl – S4 Ep10 – Suspicious Minds Review

So, Supergirl this season has been an interesting one, it clearly has a point it wants to make, with the whole humans vs aliens obviously being a take on the world right now and thats cool with me, I’ve always enjoyed their handling of certain issues, the Alex Danvers coming to grips with her sexuality was awesome, the subsequent story with Maggie Sawyer and her father was heartbreaking, the show has never shied away from dealing with different topics. However, they are treading a fine line this season with being preachy so far I’m still on board but I’m interested to see where the season goes from here, the Agent Liberty stuff has been great and I Love Sam Witwer, another great use of using a past Superman related actor for a new role (Sam played Davis Bloom/Doomsday in Smallville) but enough of the first half of the season how does Ep10 fair…..

This episode was great, Supergirl being part of the DEO was always slightly odd to me, like shes working for the military, doesnt feel very Super to me, so her being out on her own to protect her secret identity was very welcomed. At times this episode felt like a creature of the week episode, very much these alien are here, the deo used them, now theyre looking for revenge, you know pretty standard haha But that for me wasnt the crux of the episode, it was the building up of all the other characters.

Brainy, who is growing on me now but is still a somewhat poor replacement fro Winn, trying to help Nia Nal become a superhero and giving her costume ideas for when she ultimately becomes Dream Girl, James and Lena opening up to each other and Lena telling him all about her plan to make humans ‘super’ you can see hes torn about the idea but her need to have him to make sure she doesnt go down a dark road with it is amazing, J’onn J’onzz and his opening of his detective agency (like the mid 80s era comics) and his desire to help Supergirl and then lastly and by no means least Kara and Alex’s relationship, this deserves its own paragraph….

One of the big points of this episode is Col. Haley trying desperately to figure out Supergirls identity, liike 6 people at the DEO know who Supergirl is so she interrogates them, one of them cracks and tells Col. Haley, this does not go down well and Haley confronts both Alex and Kara, telling Kara she’ll do everything the DEO tells her or she’ll tell the world the secret, this doesnt go down well with Alex and she knocks her out, they go to J’onn to get him to wipe Col. Haleys mind of the secret, which he does, but that doesnt stop her quest to find out who Supergirl is. Col. Haley decides to use a truth alien of sorts, so that causes all kinds of problems because even if the people that know dont want to they will be forced to. So the go back to J’onn who has agreed with them that he’ll wipe the secret from their mind, however…….the realisation sinks in that this includes Alex!! She cannot know that Kara her sister is Supergirl! Kara will have to lie to her over and over again and you can only imagine what kind of strain this will put on their relationship, this just got very interesting!!!

This changes so many dynamics going forward, are they going to stick with this for the rest of the season? I guess we’ll have to watch and find out!

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